The Elements of 4th Grade at LJM

Volume 1, Issue 4 - December

4th Grade News

Thank you for attending parent-teacher conferences! We enjoy connecting with you to celebrate your child and how we will support continued success for your child throughout fourth grade.

Important Dates / Reminders

12/9 = Sparkle & Neon Day

12/17 = 4th Grade Parent Visitation Day

12/23 = 4th Grade Winter Festivities

12/24 - 1/1 = NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

Homework ALWAYS...

* Practice math facts!

* Read a minimum of 20 minutes each night!

How 4th Grade is Rockin' Reading

Students will be introduced to the first non fiction reading unit of the year: Key Ideas and Details. While working with non fiction text in this unit, students will be able to:

- Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details.

- Summarize a non fiction text.

- Make an inference about a nonfiction text.

- Support what the text says explicitly using examples and details in the text.

- Analyze a nonfiction text.

Remember to encourage your child to continue reading on a nightly basis! Keep recording their books on the 40 Book Challenge Record Sheet!

Writing ......"Here we come Opinion Writing! "

In our next writing unit, opinion writing, students will be writing personal and persuasive essays.

At the start of our unit, students will be developing a personal essay. To help students develop their personal essay our topics of focus will be...

- How to use an essay framework to help the structure of writing.

- How to collect insightful ideas to use for inspiration when writing.

- How to write to learn; how ideas grow from our writing.

- Extending ideas by having conversations as they write to help their ideas grow.

- Taking our ideas and developing fully formed ideas and thesis statements.

- Developing different reasons to support a thesis.

- How gathering a variety of evidence to support opinions as they write helps both the

form and content of the writing piece.


In the month of November we will be focusing on multiplication in unit 4! This unit will help us multiply multiple-digit numbers, solve multiplication number stories and become more fluent with our multiplication facts. We look forward to practicing our many multiplication strategies, all of which can be referenced in our Student Reference Book. Additionally, be sure to check out the note sheets provided to help with our new multiplication algorithms! :) Please be sure to keep up with daily homework and practice multiplication facts whenever possible!

Science....Solar System

Prior to our winter break we will be finishing up our Solar System unit in science! We will be completing our unit by creating powerpoint presentations to exemplify all the awesome information we have been learning! The presentations will be created through Google Docs so be sure to check them out from home! We look forward to our next unit, the water cycle, which we will begin in January when we return for the new year!