Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 13, No. 24 *** PASSION ISSUE *** June 22, 2017

Passion days at Joseph Case High School

More than 40 teacher-facilitated passion projects were offered to students in grades 9-11 during our last two days of school. The high school chose to have four profound quarterly assessments at the end of each term and use the last days of school to build relationships and strengthen school culture. Thank you to teachers and students alike for seeing this through to fruition and taking a huge risk with me. Cheers!
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Final report cards

Final report cards were posted electronically to the X2/Aspen portal on Wednesday, June 21. Summer school and credit recovery information will be mailed as well to students who could benefit from these options during the summer months. The portal will remain open until approximately July 7.

School-wide Summer Reading 2017

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Summer Reading Information

Here's more specific information on Joseph Case High School's summer reading for 2017: Students can also access the summer reading Google Classroom page with this access code: 5tn7ji.
Have a great summer. Relax and recalibrate!