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Region 10 ESC | Innovate 2019 Principal Conference
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Keynote Speaker: JILL SILER

The Journey Towards Future Ready

We know that our students need to be prepared for a world that we've never even seen, but how do we move our campuses forward in a way that prepares our students to be successful at the next level? This session will focus on how to envision a future-ready campus, how to elevate expectations and foster a future-ready culture, how to equip and support staff, and how to extend the work moving forward.

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Nancy Alvarez, Celina ISD, Spark Creativity & Innovation with STEAM

Learn how your campus can provide STEAM opportunities for every learner PK-5. We will share what we have learned as we implemented STEAM into our specials rotation campus-wide. Participants will leave with lesson ideas, resources, and inspiration for immediate implementation.

Brandon Tunnell and Kellan Hickman, Sunnyvale ISD, Do Your Staff and Students Need More Time? Hear How We Made it Happen at Sunnyvale Middle School with R&R Time

Discover how you can provide PLC time, brain breaks, tutoring time, student choice and more into your school day. Learn how you can build a flex schedule for your school to maximize the school day for students and staff. Explore the ups and downs we went through implementing a flex time.

Jacob Duce, Christina Hawkes and Kelsey Decker, Frisco ISD, Building Teacher Capacity and Improving Student Achievement Within the School Day

Come explore how Lebanon Trail High School implements concise, relevant professional learning founded in research-based best practices and campus/teacher areas of interest. Participants will learn how to build a foundation of continuous improvement through professional learning embedded into the school day on a monthly basis. This session inspires a growth mindset and fosters a collaborative, professional environment focused on growth and achievement for both staff and students.

Chandra Shaw, Region 10 Consultant, Tackling the New ELAR TEKS

Participants in this session will gain an understanding of the interconnected nature of the seven strands of the new ELAR standards and their implications for literacy instruction in the classroom. Let's tackle the TEKS together!

Dr. Ed Henderson II, Irving ISD, Bringing the Kaizen Way to Schools Today: Let’s Get Better at Getting Better!

Discover new ways to boost student achievement that your staff will embrace, without purchasing an expensive program. Learn about the ‘Kaizen Way’ of incrementally refining your current practices to ensure time is carved out for teachers to collaborate about their data-driven instructional practices/interventions. Unite with other instructional leaders to design an action plan for how their campus can maximize learning for all students, by creatively refining one of their systems.

Dr. Adreana Davis, Salena Smith, Lavontase Strickland, and Tamela Wallis, Dallas ISD, All Hands on Deck: Creating a School-wide Intervention Program

Discover what it takes to impact student achievement for all students on your campus by launching a school-wide reading and mathematics intervention program. In this session, principals will learn about the process our campus undertook to create buy-in and utilize all available staff members in our Power Half Hour intervention program. Participants will be able to apply their knowledge to be able to launch a school-wide reading and mathematics intervention program on their campus.

Anne Beckman and Joy Shepperd, Life Schools of Dallas, A Positive Campus Culture Leads to Positive Academic Outcomes

The administrators will be given practical, hands-on ideas for getting staff on board for creating a common vision for a results-driven campus. Easy, quick tips will be shared for showing staff they have administrative support, and that the school is creating a team of positive results. Professional Learning Communities will be used as examples for spending time in small groups with your staff so they can quickly see your heart and desire to get teacher and student growth.

Stephanie Frosch, Region 10 Pre-K & ECSE Consultant, Aligning T-TESS to the Pre-K Guidelines: High Quality Pre-K is Planned, Playful, and Purposeful

Examine the characteristics of high-quality Pre-K small groups and centers. Share what you are currently seeing in your Pre-K classrooms and discuss how to be an informed instructional leader as teachers plan center and small group activities that are intentional, engaging, and aligned to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. Leave with a clearer understanding of how to apply what you’re observing to the T-TESS rubric and guide teachers through relevant pre/post conferences that promote teacher, student and Pre-K program growth.

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Jill Siler, Gunter ISD Superintendent, Leadership & Innovation: 4 Books that Will Impact You and Your Team

So many books and so little time! Come hear about four books that have made a profound impact on Gunter ISD in the areas of leadership and innovation: Lead Like a Pirate (Shelley Burgess & Beth Houf), The Power of Positive Leadership (Jon Gordon), Learner-Centered Innovation (Katie Martin) and The Innovator's Mindset (George Couros). Dr. Siler will share not only some powerful truths from these books but also how GISD has used books to impact their leaders and instructional staff.

Trent Hamilton, Trenton ISD, House Magic

During this session, participants will explore how the experience of Trenton Middle School in creating, implementing and growing our House System. The House System was created as a way to supplement our PBIS program and create buy-in from students through competition. Our system has increased student collaboration, has decreased student discipline issues, has positively impacted our academic progress, and has created a culture of teamwork and inclusivity for students and staff on our campus.

LaDonna Gulley and Valerie Nelson, Mesquite ISD, You Don't Know Me - Let Me Introduce Myself

Examining the implicit biases that impede academic success for Latinx and African-American male students while creating an inclusive learning environment for those same students. Participants will know how to improve the culture of their building through building (1) creating classrooms of social justice and equity; (2) development of cultural relevant teaching practices; (3) utilizing research-based instructional strategies that promote engaged learning for all students; (4) examining affective behaviors that promote positive outcomes for all students and (5) understanding socio-emotional classrooms that support learning for all students.

Dr. Danielle Curry and Steven Foster, Pottsboro ISD, 9 Relentless Habits of Great Educators

Hamish Brewer's Relentless was the hottest book on the educator market this summer! Come discover innovative ways to implement the 9 Habits of Great Educators that Brewer discusses in order to commit to being the difference-maker on your campus.

Sonja Pegram and Dr. Holly Bishop, Plano ISD & Region 10 Program Coordinator, Building a Family from the Ground Up - Starting Fresh at a New Campus!

Do you want to build a campus culture that feels like family and where learning is the priority, but you aren't sure where to start? Come learn with and from others the steps of successful culture building, even if you're on a challenging campus with little or no funding. Plan to leave with four big, but doable, steps to establish a positive school culture at your campus.

Russell McDaniel and Misty Warrick, Celina ISD, Campus Culture of Support MTSS/PBIS

At Celina Junior High, we have established a positive program to meet the needs of ALL students. We will share our Campus Discipline Flow chart and how it connects with our PBIS system. We will provide information about or RTI and Tutorials for ALL students that are in need of intervention. The participants will leave with examples of PBIS and the MTSS program and the positive effects on campus and students.

Kem Edwards, Dr. Audrey Robinson, and Alyssha Walker, Mesquite ISD, Social-Emotional Learning: A District-Wide Program

The program will explore review research and outcomes related to Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and compare two models of SEL. Participants will create a campus-wide SEL plan that is vertically aligned at each grade level. Learners will identify resources for infusing SEL throughout the school culture.

Dr. Marlon Waites and Erika Johnson, Lancaster ISD, When the Player Becomes the Coach

The participants will learn the concepts and skills to become an effective transformational/instructional leader. Participants will explore innovative ways to dissect data and build ongoing relationships with all stakeholders and discover the path of maintaining a high level of instructional outcomes (SPED and GenEd) and climate and culture.

Anne Payne and Jana Everett, Caddo Mills ISD, You Are Stressing Me Out!

Explore the causes of student anxiety in our schools. Discover what we can do as educators to help develop coping skills and ease the stress our students are feeling each day. Learn skills to provide social and emotional support to the students on your campus

Stacy Kimbriel, Plano ISD, The First Five Days of School

How do you build a culture where kids are hungry to learn and feel connected to their campus? Set the stage for success with The First Five Days! The participants will be introduced to the First Five Days philosophy by Allan November and how this has impacted the success of a Plano school.

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April Sarpy & Gerald L. Sarpy II, Mesquite ISD, Transforming My School: An Inside Look at Distributive Leadership

Whether you are a seasoned principal or a novice leader, you likely know how difficult and important it is to develop the leadership potential of your staff. Discover two diverse perspectives of how schools can be transformed through distributive leadership. Explore the world of leadership development from the viewpoint of a high school and elementary school principal in this informative session.

Dr. Chris Miller, Blue Ridge ISD, Interactive Faculty Meetings That Teach, Collect Data, and Model Best Practices

The monthly faculty meeting has been a lackluster staple on many campuses for decades, but school leaders need to re-evaluate the way they are used and presented. Learn how to create interactive faculty meetings. Explore interactive presentation software that creates engaged teachers at your meetings. Discover the multiple benefits of creating interactive and engaging faculty meetings.

Amber Teamann, Wylie ISD, Lead with Appreciation: How to Grow and Empower your Staff through Appreciation Year Round!

Positive recognition and appreciation can transform your school from a place where people have to work into one where they want to be & enjoy bringing their best to work every day. And that transformation starts with the leader! Your staff pours time and energy into learners every single day. As a busy leader, you know that even the best crews need the direction of a great captain. But what does that look like? And how will you make all this meaningful recognition and encouragement happen when your schedule is already full?

Amber Teamann and Dr. Maricela Helms Wylie ISD, Connecting with your Community

Explore ways these two innovative leaders intentionally connect with students, parents and families outside the walls of the school building. Personal relationships, continuous effort and leveraging specific social media platforms are just a few ways these leaders cultivate these connections. Participants will walk away with ideas and strategies they can take back to their campus and implement immediately.

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Shelle Blaylock, Midlothian ISD, Flip This School!

Explore school design options when bound by existing walls. Learn ways that historical school sites are being transformed for future-ready learning. Experience the school design firsthand. Participants be active in this session by brainstorming ways in which the environment impacts student engagement, exploring how critical learning standards can be achieved through spaces outside of the four walls of the classroom and give feedback on a current building project design. Learners will try their hand at school design by exploring alternatives to traditional learning spaces.

Dave Wilson and Ryan Contreras, Celina ISD, CTE - Building a Program from Within

Explore how to drive CTE dollars to your district to fund new programs. We will be discussing the creation of partnerships to branch out new initiatives. Participants will learn ways to enhance your existing programs with certifications. The participants will collaborate and discuss these options in an open forum so all schools participating can offer suggestions and even opportunity to partner with each other.

Dr. Kent Messer, Lovejoy ISD, How to Avoid Principal Burnout

The principalship is a very complex job. In this session, participants will reflect on their own effectiveness as a campus leader and discover how the use of a mentor directly impacts principal self-efficacy and retention.

Dr. Chris Miller, Blue Ridge ISD, Can Block Lunch Hour Work in a Small Rural High School? Spoiler Alert: It Can!

The power of the block lunch hour has been well documented as an effective way to capture students during the school day. Unfortunately, block lunch hour has only been the answer for larger secondary schools. Learn how small rural schools can provide embedded tutorials, interventions, UIL practice, and club time during the day for all students.

Dr. Larry Polk and Dr. Kelley Estes-Jones, Terrell ISD & Region 10 Assistant Director, Innovate and Educate: Building a High Quality Early Childhood Program: Interactive Early Childhood Learning Space and Adult Lab

Travel with us on our innovative journey to create a high-quality early childhood educational experience for our youngest learners. Discover how three unique entities collaborated to design and implement an Interactive Early Childhood Learning Space. Discover how this unique space is being utilized to inspire a high-quality early childhood learning experience in a school district, throughout Region 10 and beyond.

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Dr. Darwert Johnson and Servando Ortega, Grand Prairie ISD, Coaching: More than just Sports!

Participants will explore how data leads to coaching conversations; critical or positive. We will analyze current data and create a campus plan. The participants will understand how to use data to assist in teacher feedback and reflection to create coaching plans/goals. The participants will explore their own data to create a campus coaching plan and leave with a framework to bring back to their campus.

Sandi Massey, Dallas ISD, Tools for the Trade: Values Driven Leadership

Participants will go through an engaging value driven experience drawn from an extensive list of values. Participants will narrow down the list from the top 10 to 5 to 3 values that they believe are what DRIVE their passion for education. The next part of the presentation will focus on how to present the "why" and "how" to your leadership team and beyond so that values leadership becomes a part of your campus cultural norm. The participants will develop an understanding for how values-driven leadership can and will impact everything else about the culture of the campus, from academics to retention.

Jodi Davis, Aaron Else, and Serita Dodson, Frisco ISD, Moving to the House System: Becoming Future Ready in the K-5 Setting

This session will cover how to transition the traditional arrangement of a school to a "house" structure that supports vertical alignment between grade levels and builds a sense of community among the learners. Participants will learn how to organize such a transition and the benefits that this reorganization has for students, teachers, and the community.

Amanda Rodgers, Midlothian ISD, Whose School is this, Anyway?

Discover ways to empower students to take control of their own learning and invest in their individual purpose-driven passions. Learn ways to create a culture of trust and ownership that allows for students to have a voice that impacts the learning experience.

Sandi Massey, Dallas ISD, #Change

Change is inevitable, however, change is HARD! As leaders, we have to be able to implement change from above us that we can and will buy into, present in a way that will drive positive change, and add to our culture-not take away from it. In this motivating session, participants will discover their ability to see the value from the change at the top, lead change from within and grow a culture of being open and excited about the change process.

Jennifer Andjelic, New Caney ISD, When Things Get Tough, Leaders Get Going: Building and Maintaining a Positive Culture

Learn strategies for building and maintaining a positive culture, while leading through change and having tough conversations. Discuss ideas for tackling the toughest issue you are currently facing. Walk away with motivation to move your campus or team forward.

Sandi Massey, Taylor Davis, Abigail Rufer, and Sita Wijeyesinghe, Dallas ISD, Presenting with Power!

Do you struggle to create slide decks that inspire and motivate your team? Are your decks mostly "flat", filled with colorless words on a page? Are your teachers presenting academic content that leads to effective learning? This session may be for you! Bring your laptops and learn the tricks and strategies that will lead to powerful presentations for any type of communication including newsletters, meetings, instructional and workshops.

Kathryn Laster and Nancy Watson, Region 10, Digital Learning Consultants, Empowering Learning Leaders

Uncover strategies and resources so you can find more time to learn. Discuss ways to stay current on emerging technologies and pedagogical innovations. Examine your own learning workflows, and find ways to promote a mindset of continuous improvement.

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