What is DRM?

What it affects.

What is DRM

DRM stands for Digital rights management. It limits the control of the consumers and puts it in the hand of a computer program.

Here are some examples of DRM

  • A company sets its servers to block the forwarding of sensitive e - mails
  • A movie studio places software on its disc to only allow one copy to be made of the film
  • A music company releases a new album but includes software that prevents a backup from being made

The other side of DRM

Even though it is restricting the user and people really don't like it as it is changing the way in which they do things, it is address in big problem that the world is having, which is more and more things are getting pirated, so people are losing a lot of money. In the DVD industry they have lost more than 5 billion dollars.

What DRM affects.

As the consumer if you wanted to create a back up of a film or rip a CD so that they can have the songs on their iTunes, DRM works to stop this from happening as software doesn't know the different from creating a backup and ripping the product to sell as a pirate copy.

When the Xbox One was first announced Microsoft stated that the console would have to be connected to the internet once every 24 hours and that games could not be traded between customers as multiply people could play the game with only one copy being brought. Lots of people didn't like the idea so it was banished and when it came out it wasn't on the Xbox one