Maria Montessori


All About Maria 1870-1952

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician that wore many hats that contributed to her legacy. She dedicated her life to help and serve others. Maria was an educator, doctor, and a pioneer creating an educational method where she believed children learn best through their natural environment.

She graduated from the University of Rome where she became the first female doctor in Italy.

She had a love affair with a Physician during her study named Mario.

After many year and focus on education she opened her first school- Casa de Bambini in 1907.


  • The entire Montessori approach revolves around the child, where they are and building their own sense of individuality. This method is very different than other traditional education systems. It’s a method where the child’s learning knows no boundaries or criticism.

  • Encompasses all the talents, gifts, and needs that derive from each child.

  • Allows the child to work at their own pace, independently, at their own time, and in a comfortable learning environment.

  • The Montessori method fosters the joy of learning and if the child enjoys learning, this will then lead them to be confident and happy children.
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A Peek Inside a Montessori Classroom

Some Important Factors in Montessori Education

Teacher Role

  • Facilitate and observe

  • Allows the child to gain own individuality through accomplishing different tasks.

  • Historically, the name for the teacher in a Montessori school is a guide. The role of the guide in a Montessori environment is to lead or “guide” a child to engage in purposeful work which is determined by the guide’s observation of their needs. The child develops his own knowledge through hands-on activities with didactic materials he chooses (didactic means ‘to have a purpose’).

Challenges to Implementation

  • state emphasis on standardized testing

  • push to have children reading earlier and earlier

  • increase in class sizes

  • lack of state funding for certified Montessori teachers

  • students grouped by age as opposed to mixed age groups

Enjoy some examples of Montessori activities!