land and climate

  • covering 42,042 square miles.
  • 2/3 of it is mountain.
  • theres 32 volcanoes some are active.
  • rich rainforest cover 40% of Guatemala.
  • the eastern–central portion of the country is hot and dry.


From 1524 to 1821 spainsh ruled central america.military dictator controlled Guatemala until 1944 revolution.1945 to 1982 leaders tried to cure some of Guatemalas social ills.last 36 years claimed more than 150,000 lives, and displaceda millon 2004 the government began offering payments to people who lost property and family in the world.


Guatemala is a democratic republic, didvided in to 22 departments.The congess of the republic has 158 seats.The supreme court and the judical branch of the gorernment exist but do not fuction well. 


more than half of the population is employed in agriculture.tourism and manufactoring are vital to the economy.

Vacation Plan

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