Paul Bunyan's Party Hardy Party!

Hosted By: Babe the Baby Blue Ox!

Birthday party for Paul

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 at 1pm

7600 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, Ak

Mooo moo mooo moo mooo moo moooo moo! Translation: Please join us for Paul's special birthday party! Moo moooo moooo moo: 555-555-5552! Translation: Please contact me at: 555-555-5552!


  • from 2-3 is a tree cutting contest!
  • from 3:30-4 is a pancake making contest (then you get to eat them! Yummy!)
  • from 4:30-5:30 is a best ox contest! (I am a moo-in)
  • from 6-7 is eat pancake-cake and open presents!
  • from 7:30-8 is a biggest ax contest!