Votes for Women

What women may be, yet not have the vote!!!

It's our right to vote too!

If we have the capability to do anything that a man can, then why are we restricted to vote? Why is it that, even though a woman carries the same tasks as men, works in the same workfield, has the same burdens and responsibilties if not more, is paid less, disregared, and discriminated? Why is it that, we aren't obliged to have rights over our own children? Why don't we have a right to vote. It's time to act ladies and if we don't now, then we will always be invisible to them, unseen, unneccessary and incompetent. It's time to fight for our rights because we deserve nothing less.

Women Suffragettes

Men and women should have equal rights in the areas of speech, education, respect and the right to vote. They should be given their rights so that they have the same social, economical and political status as men. 124 years ago the Australian Women's Suffrage Society, struggled for women's right to vote. Their aim was to obtain the same rights for women as were possessed by male voters. The Society argued for equal justice, equal privileges in marriage and divorce, rights to property and the custody of children in divorce.

A woman's opinions are useless to her, she may suffer unjustly, she may be wronged, but she has no power to weightily petitions against man's laws, no representatives to urge her views, her only method to produce release, redress, or change, is to ceaselessly agitate