The Weekly Roar

January 22, 2022

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Back to School!

Dear La Ballona Community,

On Monday, January 24th, we all return with hope, new strategies, and hopefully increased health. I know that our minds are all on Omicron, but I want to take a quick breather and focus on Martin Luther King Jr. and Kindness. We began last week with the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What a remarkable human he was, accomplishing so much by the age of 39 when he was assassinated. Our children think the age 39 is really old, but we adults know that most of us are still trying to figure how to live our lives way into our adulthood. The fact that King was able to reignite a movement that continues to influence us in his short life is a true inspiration.

One of King's strongest values was promoting justice through peace and nonviolence. What a role model for us all, especially our children. King once said “That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.” This message is one we often use in schools to help one other solve conflicts with their schoolmates. La Ballona will use this message, along with many others to begin our Great Kindness Challenge. Counselor Serrano and our teachers are preparing lessons to promote kindness with our children. (See below for the flyer).

I would like to spark a kindness movement with our adult community. During a time when our emotional reserves are so low, it's important that we remember that we are all here because we love our children. We all believe that the path to a better tomorrow is to support, nurture, positively influence, and teach our children. In honor of this common goal, please join me in an adult kindness challenge. Enjoy the adult activities below.

Stay PAWSitive

Dr. Becky Godbey


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All Covid Updates

Returning to School on Monday January 24th

  • All students registered for weekly Covid testing may return to school tomorrow, unless they are experiencing symptoms or in quarantine. Sniffles, sneezing, headache, fatigue, sore throat, and coughing are symptoms.

  • If you are not registered, please email a negative test result from the at-home Rapid Antigen test to the email address below: La Ballona-

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students and staff safe.

**Covid questions to the Department of Public Health's COVID-19 Information Hotline at 1-833-540-0473. The line is available in multiple languages and operates 7 days a week from 8:00am-8:30pm.

CCUSD: Covid-19 Isolation and Quarantine Update

Please review this helpful 2-page document to answer all your isolation and quarantine questions.

Message from the Superintendent:

Dear CCUSD Community,

I want to thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation as we made the difficult decision to cancel school for the remainder of this week. We realize that having your children home from school so unexpectedly undoubtedly caused hardship for many families. However, given the rapid rise in positive Covid-19 cases in Los Angeles County, and among our students, faculty and staff, we believe this short-term closure was the most prudent thing to do.

CCUSD’s top priority remains the same as it has been since the beginning of the school year in August 2021: To create and maintain a safe in-person learning and teaching environment for all.

There was some urgency behind our decision:

  • Prior to winter break, CCUSD averaged .36 new Covid-19 cases each calendar day (i.e., a new case was confirmed every three days);
  • As schools resumed after winter break, CCUSD’s daily average accelerated to 52+ new confirmed Covid-19 cases each day, an increase of 144 times over the pre-holiday rate.

We continued to receive new positive case results with every testing day.

For the most current breakdown of positive cases by school site, check the CCUSD COVID-19 Dashboard.

CCUSD chose to address the fast-rising caseload by:

  • Increasing pupil-free time by extending the number of days away from school to include this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (01/19-01/21/2022), in addition to the previously scheduled days off of Monday and Tuesday (01/17 and 01/18). This allowed for all staff and students, regardless of vaccination status, to get tested before returning to school. Testing is conducted via LFN drive-through events and at-home testing kits provided to students and staff;
  • Requiring a negative Covid-19 test result from each individual student and staff member before they return to school on Monday, January 24, 2022.
  • Requiring that students who are not yet registered for testing get registered. If your child is not signed up for weekly testing, please do so ASAP here.
  • Pursuing 100% weekly district-wide Covid-19 testing, once school resumes in person.

We also continue to subscribe fervently to the belief that learning in-person is the best option for the majority of our students, both from a social-emotional as well as an educational perspective. To reiterate, our top priority is to create and maintain a safe in-person learning and teaching environment for all.

When school does resume in person on Monday, we will continue with the following safety protocols:

  • Weekly testing. We may increase this to bi-weekly as testing capacity allows.
  • Wearing medical grade masks (KF94/N95) for everyone at every school site, except when actively eating or drinking.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all staff and students (ages 12 and above), including recommending booster shots for everyone who is age-eligible. We also HIGHLY recommend that students age 5-11 also get vaccinated, now that they are eligible.

As I shared above, a negative test result will be mandatory before each student and staff member can return to in–person instruction on Monday, January 24. We held drive-thru testing events this week. If you were not able to get tested then, you can submit results of at-home test kits taken within 24 hours of January 24, or test results from another provider such as a healthcare clinic, also taken within 24 hours of January 24, 2022. Submit the results to your school site.

If you chose to use an at-home Covid-19 test kit or get tested at a healthcare clinic not affiliated with CCUSD, please email your child’s test results to your school site:

CCUSD will continue to provide you with frequent updates on CCUSD’s testing schedules, Covid-19 case numbers, and the logistics for returning to and maintaining in-person schooling as safely as possible. We will share information on the district website, via social media, through the weekly Culver Pride e-newsletter, and through additional emails dedicated to the district’s Covid-19 status.

Thank you again for your understanding, cooperation and patience. We will continue to monitor, manage and mitigate Covid-19 within our school community. Stay healthy and safe. We will get through this together.

Once again, if your child is not yet registered for the weekly testing, please enroll them ASAP via CCUSD COVID-19 Test Registration ( Weekly testing is required in order for your child to remain in school.


Quoc Tran, Superintendent

La Ballona has the BEST custodians

I've been in education for 25+ years and I want our entire community to know that La Ballona truly has the best custodians. During the closure, they worked hard to re-sanitize the entire school including outdoor equipment. Thank you Mr. Manny, Mr. Tony, and Mr. Ian!
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This Week at La Ballona: Kindness Week!


Monday, January 24th:

Hats off to Kindness- Wear a silly hat or headpiece

Tuesday, January 25th:

Kindness in Action- Dress in sportswear, activewear, or your favorite team colors

8:45 Weekly Covid Testing

Wednesday, January 26th:

Kindness Unites- Wear LA BALLONA spirit wear

Incoming Kindergarten Information Night (see flyer below)

Thursday, January 27th:

Powered by Kindness- Dress as your favorite superhero or someone you respect

DEI Meeting, 6:30

Friday, January 28th:

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings- Wear your pjs

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The Month of January

Important Dates (New Dates in Bold)

January 25- PTA Board Meeting, 6:30

January 26- Kindergarten Information Night for Incoming Kindergarteners

February 1- 5th Grade Parent Night for CCMS

February 3- Volunteer Orientation, 5:30 (for those who missed the first one)

February 3- PTA Meeting, 6:30

February 7-100th Day of School (corrected on 1/17)

February 14- Fire Drill, 10:45am

February 21- No School President’s Day

February 24- DEI Meeting, 6:30

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Attention 5th Grade Families!

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The 'Equal Access Committee' (formerly the 'Special Needs Committee') is having its next monthly meeting on Wednesday, January 26th at 7pm by ZOOM. All La Ballona families are welcome to join.

January Meeting 1/26/22 7pm-8pm

Meeting ID: 480-080-1549

Passcode: 2ahKFc

  1. Break out rooms - New Years Resolution

  1. Regional Center Information

  1. Website Information - Divvy up items

  1. Mission Statement

  1. Valentine

  1. Updates/Requests

    1. Sensory Room

    2. Upcoming IEP/504

    3. Staffing in CCUSD

    4. Next DAC meeting

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Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Q's & A's (repeated)

Question: I missed the orientation. Will there be another one?

Answer: There is one on our website, but there will be second one on February 3rd at 5:30.

Question: How do you register?

Answer: Check out our website. It provides the application and all the steps.

Question: If I was a cleared volunteer in the past, do I need to start from scratch?

Answer: No, but make sure your TB test hasn't expired. Oh, and you need to show your vaccination documentation.

Question: How do I turn in all my paperwork?

Answer: Erika Arredondo, the secretary, is your contact person. Please email

Question: Do I have to show a negative Covid Test?

Answer: Not at this time. You need to be vaccinated though.

Question: What do I need exactly to be cleared?

Answer: Current TB Test, Fingerprint Check, Application, Covid Vaccination, and you must watch the video above.

Question: What can I do? What am I volunteering for?

Answer: There are two paths. You can either 1) connect with a staff member or teacher and arrange your volunteering. Or you can 2) wait to hear from PTA. We are finalizing some school-wide volunteer programs like Copy Fairies and Board Games at Lunch (we need a better name for that).

Question: Can I start Monday, December 13?

Answer: Probably not. I anticipate that most teachers will want to wait until January. Plus, it's trickier this year with all the rules.

Question: Can I just show up and say "I'm here to volunteer?"

Answer: No. The teacher, staff member, or PTA coordinator needs to know that you are coming.

Question: What if my teacher isn't using volunteers?

Answer: Due to a variety of reasons, this may be a reality for some classes. Please know that each staff member has personal circumstances that may cause reluctance to have additional adults in the classroom during the pandemic. Other staff members may not need or want volunteers for other reasons. In these cases, you are always welcome to help with morning arrival Cone Crew, Dismissal, Copy Fairies, and Board Game Team (still need a better name).

We will keep the Volunteer page on the Website updated as we go.

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Painting help

We need 2-3 parent volunteers to paint La Ballona's calming/sensory room. All materials provided. Must be done after school or on the weekend. Please contact Liz Vila at if you can help. Thank you so much.

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Lions' Pride Run (Jogathon)

Hello Families, We are gearing up for our spring fundraiser, the Lion's Pride Run! Students are lacing up those sneakers in preparation, and we need parent support as well. Please reach out to Rocio Alvarez - if you're able to help organize this awesome fundraiser.

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2022-2023 La Ballona PTA Nomination Committee

As we move into the second half of the school year, our PTA Board is beginning the process of creating a nomination committee for future Board members. If you are a current PTA member, and would like to help shape next year's board, please reach out to Jamie Krute -

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ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DRIVE (still going strong)

We are currently at $64,000, just a bit over half way to our yearly goal of raising $120,000 (approx $300/child)!

For this year's programs and supplies, we're in need of community support. Every donation pushes us closer to our goal; allowing us to create a platform for our students to access educational opportunities, tools and experiences the school might not otherwise be able to afford.

Ways to donate and help out:
Go to and donate what you can!
By check, make payable to "La Ballona PTA" and return in an envelope to your classroom teacher.
Share this flyer with your friends, family, and local businesses!
Monthly donation option is available at
Ask your company if they offer matching gifts for employees!

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Information Night for Incoming Kindergarteners

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The $1 Book sale is postponed

Sorry, but due to the high covid-19 numbers, the PTA $1 book sale will be postponed for now (originally set for January 28th) and a new date will be announced soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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