The Stingray

A Mysterious and Mystical Creature

Fun Facts

    • Stingray spines have been used by coastal tribes to create such weapons as spears and arrowheads.
    • In Mexican waters, hundreds of stingrays gather in what has been known as "Ray Pits."
    • In England there is a folkish belief that the oil from the stingray's liver is a preventative for pnemonia.
    • As one of the most dreaded creatures in the sea, the hammerhead shark often preys on medium and small stingrays. Some scientist believe that the shark's head has developed in that shape to stay clear of the stingray's fierce tail.








D. Pastinaca

Evolutionary Relationships

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The stingray is rumored to live in the ocean in shallow coastal waters, but this mystical creature could live ANYWHERE.


To maintain a healthy and attractive looking body, the stingray has a very strict diet that it follows. The Stingray eats mollusks, clams, shrimp, snails, and other species of fish. The stingray is a carnivore.

Social Interactions

The stingray is very popular around the sea. All the other fish wish they could be like the stingray, and the stingray knows he's superior. Very few facts are known about the mysterious stingray's mating habits. They mostly work alone.

How they move

The stingray swims by flapping it's flaps is a majestical way. Very little is known about the speeds, but scientists think the stingray can swim at upwards of 69 mph.


They have been listed as vulnerable or endangered by the IUCN

They are up to 14 feet long, and range from 1 to 750 pounds

They mostly keep to themselves, do not travel in groups

They are hunted by sharks, seals, sea lions, and humans.