Harlingen CISD Information Literacy Centers October 2017

Vela Middle School ILC

We're off to a great start! Our incoming 6th graders came by to receive their Vela MS Student ID Cards through their Social Studies classes with Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Royal. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the newest members of the Vela Family.

Our first scheduled lesson was the Library Orientation. It was given during the regular Reading class library visits, which gave our students a chance to reacquaint themselves with library policy and procedures. They were also given an opportunity to AR quiz any books they read over the Summer Break and check out library books. They will be visiting the school library on a regular basis (2 week rotation).

Ms. Trevino-Achtsam used the library's classroom space to conduct a CFA review with all of her Social Studies classes. It gave them the space they needed to spread out and work in small groups. It was such a success, she is planning on booking the space throughout the school year.

Our ILC was regularly utilized by our faculty and staff to host meetings and events during and after hours. Mr. Gonzales, our school principal, used the library's classroom area to run his Faculty & Staff Meetings and professional development meeting with Dr. Lara. Nurse Garza helped protect our faculty and staff by hosting her annual flu shot clinic in our space. Ms. Punch used the space to conducted an informational meeting with our Duke TIP students. Ms. Connell, Mr. Isquierdo and Mr. McCallum all held informational meetings for their organizations after school in the library. We look forward to hosting many more meetings and events throughout the school year!

Going Above & Beyond @ the Vela MS ILC!

Vernon Middle School ILC

This year is starting off wonderfully! Our sixth graders came by to receive their Vernon IDs through their Science classes with Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Moreno. Ms. Miranda and I were able to meet our newest school members.

Our first rotations have started with a Library Orientation. Our Reading teachers were able to bring in their classes during their scheduled library visit so the students were able to familiarize themselves with our library and many of the new books. We are slowly adding genre stickers and numbering our series books to make it easier for the students to find books.

This past month we have been preparing for Banned Book Week. Our display is up and a brief presentation will be given. Our students are also loving our lounge area that offers a comfortable place for them to read.

Staff Professional Development is also underway and our Librarian, Ms. Villarreal, had the great opportunity of providing a lesson on Microsoft Teams and a one-to-one PD on Twitter for our #HCISDreads chats.

Crockett Elementary

Crockett ILC kicked off the year with empowering our students with the tools and information to be great digital citizens. Students created digital puppet shows on information learned using the Sock Puppet App.


Dishman Elementary student celebrated Dot Day!

Students created Dot masterpieces and used Quiver 3D Augmented Reality Dots to celebrate International Dot Day.

Bonham Elementary started the year out "Fast and Furious"

Students were introduced to procedures, policies and rules. Book checkout began.

PreK-1st graders were introduced to new science vocabulary words: habitats and biomes (through read aloud and dioramas donated from last year’s 4th grade students).

2nd-5th graders learned and researched facts about honeybee roles, honey harvesting, and why bees are on the decline. (Brainpop, Tumblebooks & Ipads)

A mini Accelerated Reader training was given to new teachers.

A parent training/session was held to introduce/review HCISD’s e-books. (Ipads)

Bonham ILC HEB Read 3 Literacy Event

Bonham students joined 65,000 students across Texas today for the HEB Read 3 literacy event. (pictures below)

Austin Elementary Celebrating Ambassador Tichenor's Contributions

Mr. Tichenor was honored as a school hero on Wednesday, September 20th with a celebration to thank him for all he has done for our school, staff, students and community.

Mrs. Tony Taylor, his former First Grade teacher, was also in attendance and honored.

Battle of the Books Selection for Cano Freshman Students

Cano Freshman Academy librarian and teachers have been extremely busy searching for four dedicated students who will represent our campus at the First Annual Battle of the Books District Meet Competition in January 2018. After interviewing and much discussion, the final four students were selected, Judea Clark, Emma Lopez, Camryn Hale, and Justin Armstrong will be representing Cano Freshman Academy in the First Annual Battle of the Books District Meet Competition. These students will be meeting before school, after school, and during their lunch period to discuss the books as well as meeting all the reading deadlines. Students will also be responsible for writing questions about the material in the books. Students will be reading an average of 30-40 pages every day including weekends and will have book discussions on a weekly basis. Good Luck to our Raven Battle of the Books Readers!

Long Elementary celebrated Dot Day, Friday, September 15, 2017

Long Elementary 4th graders and Life Skills classes had a chance to listen to the story Dot Day by Peter Reynolds. Afterwards, they allowed their creative juices to flow and created some awesome illustrations all beginning with a little dot.

Treasure Hills ILC

All-Star Readers

Treasure Hills is proud to announce two students who have read over a million words this year! Danica Elizarde and Dora Banerjee are two fifth grade students leading the way down the literacy road. Way to go!!!

Comfort in Reading

Students in Mrs. Ruiz's fourth grade class really cozied up to books by utilizing the new quiet reading areas in the ILC.

Educational Technology at Treasure Hills Elementary

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade used Nearpod to learn about Digital Citizenship.
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Dr. Rodriguez Elementary

The month of September has been a busy one at Dr. Rodriguez Elementary. The topics that we covered in the ILC included library checkout procedures, book care, Internet Safety, and HCISD Virtual Library resources.

Dr. Rodriguez has started a Library Leaders Adopt-a-Shelf Program for 4th grade students. These students have volunteered to assist in keeping our library in tip top shape, help other students, and help with literacy events and book fairs.

International Dot Day was celebrated on September 15th with the reading of Peter H. Reynold's book The Dot. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who inspires Vashti to "make her mark" and trust in her own abilities. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe. Students used the Quiver app to create their own 3-D dot.

Mrs. Dulce Ellis and Ms. Lucero Munoz treated their 3rd grade classes to a Book Tasting in the ILC. Students enjoyed looking at different genres of books and rating them. They discovered many books that they didn't know were in the ILC and created a menu of books that they would like to read this school year.

Gutierrez Middle School

Social Studies ILC 1-3:

Gutierrez Middle School 7th grade students researching on the Native American Tribes using the district’s virtual library Mackin Via Resource.

Website training 1-2:

Mrs. Baca, GMS Library Media Specialist, training teachers and staff on website design as they work on their own webpage; they had the option to use Weebly, Schoolwires, or Google Sites.

Coding At Zavala Elementary

Why teach Coding?

Technology has a language for us and it is called code. According to our experts coding builds creativity, persistence, abstraction, and allows students to work collaboratively solving problems. Whether we are working with plugged or unplugged lessons students have choice and voice for their creative imagination. I have been coding at Zavala with all grade levels from Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth grade. I am using Apps like Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch JR, and Swift Playgrounds. The students have been actively engaged and love coming to the ILC. I look forward to an exciting year with our students!

Sam Houston Elementary

Third thru fifth grade students were introduced to SeeSaw. Students familiarized themselves with the app by sharing photos of their checkout selections and commenting on each other's posts. The following week students worked in collaborative groups to review the Dewey Decimal System. Groups listened to an audio recording and followed along an excerpt from the book, "Do You Know Dewey? Exploring the Dewey Decimal System." Students then used the excerpt to complete their group assignment by responding to questions using the note feature on SeeSaw.
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Learning about Internet Safety at Bowie Elementary (picture above)

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Milam Elementary (picture above)

Fifth Grade students at Milam Elementary are learning how to code! This is a unique computer language program that allows a student to create a set of instructions that tell the iPad how to perform a particular task.

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Stuart Place Elementary Student (picture above)


Stuart Place Elementary Learning to Code!

The Stuart Place Elementary ILC K-5 students are beginning to learn computer coding with codemonkey.org and Code.org.

Professor, Author, Advocate, and Futurist Dr. Matthew Lynch has this to say about coding:

"Introductory programming classes in schools can help children understand the basics of programming structure, logic, and design. Of course, not all children will become software engineers; however, learning programming may help sharpen their practical and logical thinking skills. What’s more, some people found coding helped them get more out of their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other popular digital devices."

Banned Book Week at Harlingen High School

HHS ILC presented to several English classes on the history and importance of Banned Book Week September 25 – 29, 2017. We collaborated with English Teacher, Mrs. Adriana Huerta, and her students presented on Banned Book Awareness using Apple clips, presentation boards, flyers and scavenger hunts.

HHS ILC also had a Banned Book week display and photo booth available for students and staff. Throughout the week students and staff were also able to participate in a Rebel Reader Contest. Students posted their pictures and videos to Twitter using #HHSBBW and #REBELREADER. Prizes were given daily for the most creative post.

Overall, Banned Book Week @ HHS ILC was a huge success and was enjoyed by all!!

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Harlingen South (picture above)

August and September were busy months at South ILC. We took 550 Sophomore ID pictures and gave an orientation to all sophomores on the library as to hours, computers and resources available.

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Harlingen South (picture above)

South ILC trained every student (1547) on how to log into Student Access to check their attendance and grades.
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Harlingen South (picture above)

We have been working with Seniors on accessing Gale’s TERC to prepare for ACT and SAT and ROTC to prepare for the ASVAB.

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Mrs. Garcia created a banner placed on South homepage on Pedestrian safety. (Picture above)

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Harlingen South (picture above)

Display is set up on Hispanic Heritage Month with books featuring notable Hispanics. Informational placards with pictures of Notable Hispanics and quotes.

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Harlingen South Banned book week display got our students and staff discussing reasons why books were banned. (picture above)

Memorial Middle School ILC

Our campus embraces BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and we empower students by teaching them how to access the HCISD Virtual Library so they can research information and read books online from any device at school, at home, and on the go.

Harlingen School Of Health Professions

Harlingen School of Health Professions ILC is off to a running start for this school year! HSHP added its first senior 12th grade class and with that, came whole new set of instructors! Because many are new to our district and come directly from the medical field, HSHP’s Library Media Specialist, Alexandra Cornejo, welcomed the new instructors with lessons on how to build a website and an introductory course on becoming Apple Teacher certified. Their new websites serve as a resource for parent and students for information such as syllabi, notes and contact info.


Students have also begun the school year with their own technology enrichment. Spanish classes received instruction in how to use the app Recap, a moderated, question-led dialogue intended to launch discussion through extended video and chat responses to help explain the thinking process. The Recap introductory lesson had the students submitting several responses pertaining to the United Nations, Don Quixote, and tourism in Latin American countries. Recap is now a norm in the Spanish classes and an excellent example of how digital learning is thriving at HSHP.

Our social studies classes have initiated the school year with a collaborative project that researches the diets and nutrition of peoples in the Neolithic era. To ensure credible sources were being used for research, Mrs. Cornejo demonstrated the resource MackinVia that houses important databases such as Encyclopedia Britannica, the World Atlas, EBSCO History Reference Center, and Gale Academic OneFile. Students learned about peer-reviewed academic journal articles, encyclopedia entries and citing articles, images and videos. The ILC’s of HCISD want to ensure that our students are evaluating their validity and accuracy of content they seek out for their research.

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To finish out the month of September, HSHP celebrated Banned Books Week by participating in the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament Challenge held by the American Library Association. Banned Books Week is a time when people in the book community come together to celebrate our freedom to read. Every morning, students and faculty were given a Banned Books challenge such as take a selfie with a banned book or post a quote from your favorite Banned Book. These challenges were to be posted to Twitter while tagging the HSHP ILC and with the hashtag #RebelReader. Every submitted post was entered into a raffle and Instructor Bianca Rodriguez and student Mandy Loftus won some ILC swag for being our selected Rebel Readers! We also held a bookmark contest with the theme “The Power of Words” and our winner was Trinity Hernandez!

Upcoming Events for HSHP

Upcoming events in the HSHP ILC include a Harry Potter Crafternoon, Apple Clips training for students and teachers as well as Seesaw training. Please be sure to follow the HSHP ILC on Twitter at @HSHPILCHealth and follow #ILCYouAtTheLibrary for all the interesting things that are going on at HCISD libraries.