Wolf Pup Weekly

Woodriver Issue #29 3/11/22


Hello Wolf Pup parents!

Next week is spring break. There will be no school until Monday March 21 st . I hope

everyone has a wonderful break and gets a chance to visit family and friends.

Woodriver held our annual Science Fair on Thursday and Friday. We had a lot of

fantastic projects this year. From how clouds are formed, to studying if humans

were addicted to social media, our kids did a great job testing their theories.

Congratulations to all of our students who participated.

There were seven different categories students could enter. Here are the winners in

each category:

Demonstration- Primary: 1st Place Kaya Tanner, 2nd Place Joey Mullins, 3rd Place

Jaxon Gray, James Deblauw and Greyson Dameron.

Demonstration- Intermediate: 1st Place Kyler Frazier, 2nd Place Divine Stewart, 3rd

Place Cylas Yarrow.

Experiment- Primary: 1st Place Harper Dodson, 2nd Place Eleanor Anderson, 3rd Place

Jack Burnett and Noah Moore.

Experiment- Intermediate: 1st Place Adryan Cooeyate, 2nd Place Finn Hauser-Westley,

3rd Place Elizabeth Harder.

Invention- 1st Place Emma Moore and Chloe Schneider

Science Collection- 1st Place Eamon Smith, 2nd Place Patrick Luper

Science Report- 1st Place Logan Gianni, 2nd Place Samuel Boylan, 3rd Place Kenny


A big thank you to Rob Kinder and Sarah Clark for organizing and overseeing the

Science Fair. The Science Fair would not be possible without them stepping up to

sponsor it. I would also like to thank the parents and community members who

volunteered to judge all of our entries.

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From The Counselor:

Personal Safety Lessons

As per the Alaska State Children's Safety Act, public schools are required to teach a lesson in personal safety. Mrs. Brashear will be teaching the lessons the last 2 weeks of March. The content is the "No, Go, Tell" rule if a student feels like or knows that they are in danger. Also, students will identify their own trusted adults both at home and at school that they could report a problem to. Please contact Mrs. Brashear, School Counselor, if you have any questions or concerns.


479-4211, press 2 for counselor

Survey Link for Thrive Alaska

Give ThriveAlaska your input on a possible before/after school program!

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Spring Break activity guide

This is a link to a list of activities to do with children during Spring Break. Check it out!

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Popcorn sales on Mondays and Tuesdays
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We have updated clubs for the 2nd Semester. You can find forms in the front office if you plan to sign up for:

Gear for P.E.

Students need all of their winter gear for outdoor P.E.
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Woodriver has received some at home testing kits - if you need one please contact the front office.
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14-18 Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

31 - Talent Show @ 1pm in MPR

Welcome to Woodriver Elementary School

Home of the Wolfpups

OFFICE HOURS: 8:45-4:15

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