Hii Ni Kenya

The Important Things You Need to Know About Kenya, Here!

By Catherine Papa Mod 1-2 Day 1


Welcome to my website about Kenya. This website will give you an overview about all the interesting facts of this country. You will learn about the culture, land, government, and other interesting facts about Kenya.
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G- Kenya's Geography

  • Land forms: Two of the most famous land forms in Kenya are Lake Victoria and Mount Kenya. Lake Victoria is the world's second largest freshwater lake. It stretches from Uganda to parts of Tanzania and into Kenya. Lake Victoria is about 400,000 years old. Mount Kenya that is 5,199 meters high and it is the second highest peak in Africa.
  • Crops and Resources: Kenya is the leading producer of tea and coffee. They are the third leading exporter of fresh produce like cabbage, onions, and mangoes.
  • Climate and Location: Because Kenya is located on the equator it has a tropical climate. There are variations in the climate because of influences like altitude. It can be tropical in some places, and very hot and dry in others.
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  • Major Religion(s): Kenya's major religion is Protestant, 45% of the Kenyan people are Protestants. The second most popular religion is Roman Catholic at 33%. The third most popular religions are Indigenous Beliefs and Muslim that are both about 10%.
  • Holiday: Kenya celebrates Madaraka Day which is the day Kenya was allowed to become their own country. The holiday is celebrated on June 1st.
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One of Kenya's biggest achievements was gained its independence form British rule. Kenya gained it's independence on December 12th, 1963. The Kenyan's call this day Jamhuri Day, which means Republic in Swahili. Kenya is East Africa's strongest nation. The capital, is Nairobi hosts one of only four major United Nations offices in the world.
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  • Government and Rulers: The government of Kenya is a republic government. It has three sections: legislature, executive, and judiciary. Kenya's government is very similar to the U.S. They have their own constitution. They have one leader named Uhuru Kenyatta, he is the son of Jomo Kenyatta and is the 4th president of Kenya.
  • Laws and Consequences: Kenya has a constitution and also a standardized list of laws. If you were to break a law you would be entitled to a court hearing. Their laws are governed by their own constitution.
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Kenya's economy is similar to the U.S. It is market driven meaning, the allow companies to invest and grow. Kenya is Central Africa's hub for financial, communication, and transportation services. It's major industries are agriculture, mining andcounminerals, manufacturing, energy, tourism, and financial services. Kenya is a stable country and is one of the wealthier countries in Africa. The Kenyan shilling is the currency of Kenya.
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S-Style of Living

The official language of Kenya is English and Swahili. The five largest ethnic groups in Kenya are: Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kamba, and Kalenjin. Music and dance are very important to Kenyan's, they like to participate in music and dance competitions. The most popular form of entertainment though, is visiting family and friends. Soccer is the most popular sport in Kenya. They also like to watch or participate in golf, cricket, and boxing. But they are best known for distance runners. Kenya has sent some of the faster runners to the Olympics. The most common food in Kenya is ugail. A cornmeal starch that is available anywhere and everywhere. Other popular Kenyan foods are kuku paka, chicken in coconut curry sauce, sukuma wiki, kale stew, and nyama choma, grilled sheep or goat.
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Facts and Figures

Here are some additional facts about Kenya:

  • Their National Anthem is called Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu (Oh God of All Creation)
  • They drive on the left side of the road
  • The population is 45,010, 056
  • Their national symbol is the lion
  • They only have two seasons rainy and dry
  • Tourists visit Kenya for it's amazing safari adventures
  • One of the most famous athletes from Kenya is Kip Keino who one four Olympic metals in distance running.

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