By: Donovan Root

Measles basic info.


Some symptoms of Measles are high fever, runny nose, bloodshot eyes, tiny white spots on the inside of the mouth, and pink eye. Later, a rash develops all over the body.


There is currently no treatment for Measles. When a person gets Measles they should takes medicines like Tylenol to reduce the high fever. Doctors might also prescribe antibiotics if the person who has Measles gets a infection.


Measles is transmitted when people who have the disease sneeze, cough, or talk. The disease is airborne and it can live in the air for up to 4 hours after a person with the disease was there.


Measles infects more than 20 million people each year. In 2012 122,000 people died from measles. Almost 95% of Measles deaths occur in poor countries, like most of Africa and parts of Asia. In the USA Measles is almost eliminated, only about 60 people get Measles in the US each year.


Measles is mostly in poor places like Africa and Asia but Measles is also in more developed countries like the US and England. Most deaths from Measles occur in poor countries that don't have the vaccine.


Rubella is a similar disease. In both diseases the infected person gets a rash thats all over the body and both get fevers. Both diseases cause problems for pregnant women and their baby.

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Disease Elimination

The vaccine MMR could eliminate Measles in the countries that still have Measles. Quarinitining people with the disease could help it stop spreading and eliminate it. Providing the vaccine in poor countries could help eliminate it all of the world. WHO (the world health organazation is trying to eliminate Measles by 2020. Measles is almost completely eliminated in the Americas ( North America, South America, Mexico, and Canada).

Measles Vaccine

People get the MMR vaccine normally when they are 13-15 months old and the get the vaccine again when they go into kindergarden. The vaccine is called MMR which stands for Measles- Mumps- Rubella. The vaccine could also help eliminate Measles. The vaccine in the US has lead to a 99% reduction in Measles cases. In places where people are too poor to get vaccinated the disease is highly contagious and will spread easily. People who haven't received the vaccine should get it because they could easily get Measles.