MC Application


MC Application AIESEC in Malta 2013-14

I am applying for AIESEC in Malta Member Committee as I believe that it would be an enriching and unforgettable experience, one that would surely be a deciding path for my future. I have always looked up to the MC admiring their hard work, commitment, and loyalty. Having said so, I am choosing to apply for an MC position because, as the MC 2012-13 motto goes: "Apire to Inspire". Three words that make a change on a person's life's perspective. That's what I intend to do, but not simply change just the one person but a group of people that will then generate further change for the better. Moreover, I am applying for AIESEC in Malta as I have come to know better its aims, the people that make the ideas of AIESEC alive, its weaknesses and strengths, and its reality.

Currently, I hold the role of 'virtual' Team Leader of Communication and Information Management. I have been so since the end of last October and this experience has thought me quite a number of things about me actually. In having not just to work within a team, but to lead one, I got the chance to challenge myself and others, hence learning certain strengths about myself and trying to overcome weaknesses. For instance, previously I was not so much a good listener but at the start of this experience I started to listen intently because everyone has opinions and ideas about various things and that also creates further respect towards one another. Something that which can work both against you and in favour is patience. If someone on the team is not showing commitment and not doing the necessary work, I tend to get impatient especially if there is a tight deadline. However, as a Team Leader it involved training the team members adequately, so that they can keep on building. A weakness that I have is that I can get a bit short on people in the team that do not show any drive whatsoever. Hence, even though as a team we get things done, I need to learn how to get things done more efficiently. However, whenever a problem arises I involve the whole team for solutions, brainstorming possible ones, and implementing solutions.

My life plan. Mhhmm.... :) Does it sound a bit of a cliche, if I say that I want to make an impact? Well, even if it does, I do! I want to try and change the situation of racism in Malta. Diversity, I believe, is what constitutes unity. A paradox maybe, but we see it in everyday life simply when looking at an old person and a child: the young learning from the older, the older teaching the young and vice versa.

I am certain that if I were to be selected for the MC position, it would be a great stepping stone towards my plan. The MC hold the essence of what leadership should be and through that, inspiration with change. Being on the MC would develop my skills of teamwork, leadership and other various skills but would also help me to overcome my weaknesses.

PS: And maybe someday Noe meets a Joe and they'll have Poppy and Pot!

I believe in AIESEC because of the hope that it instills in people, motivated, young people that are the wheel of today's and tomorrow's society. This worldwide organisation is important to me because it gives me a purpose, so to speak. I meet with people that have the same crazy idea that the world can be changed for the better and the we constitute the pillars of change. It's also important because I have made friends that do not doubt in me but that encourage me to not give up because it's never too late.

AIESEC is relevant in Malta as it provides the platform for Maltese young people to expand both their frame of mind and their horizon. In learning that there is whole different world out there, is something exciting and the opportunities that AIESEC in Malta provides for students can help encourage acceptance of different cultures within the same society. Students shouldn't just be studying by heart but trying out new things that give them more meaning. AIESEC in Malta is relevant to NGOs and Companies as the former provides to the latter new opportunities of exposure and impact.

AIESEC 2015 aims at creating more leadership and exchange experiences. Such an aim has already positively influenced AIESEC in Malta. The first ever GCDP project was created in Malta, new leadership positions became available as were different OCs. It will further influence AIESEC in Malta through the possibility of opening a LC at MCAST, hence exposing many students to the opportunities of AIESEC. With the amount of new people that have entered in the first quarter of the 2012-13 term, new ideas are being developed that will continue to shape AIESEC Malta till 2015 and later.

AIESEC in Malta 2012-13 did a lot of achievements. One of them is the new project that I have already mentioned. It has also inspired new members to take up challenges and to not remain in their comfort zone. The values of AIESEC are being emphasised more so that people would know what the organisation's aim is. It has also attracted various stakeholders, both companies and NGOs that will be of great help in achieving the goals of 2015. These can be maintained through factors the factors of determination, adaptation and hard work. Once a team is build upon firm foundations of trust, respect and cooperation these successful achievements can be maintained throughout the years and developed further.

The focus area of AIESEC in Malta 2013-14 should be mainly on developing current members, developing strategies to attract stakeholders to AIESEC and for students to join, to create further exchange projects and maintain good cooperation between all stakeholders as well as AIESEC International, and to maintain a good financial situation of AIESEC in Malta. Another focus area would be to open an LC in MCAST. With these focus areas, AIESEC in Malta would be capable of further meeting the 2015 goals and also, new stepping stones.

The role of the MC is the most vital one in any brach of AIESEC. The MC is the bridge between Local Committees and AIESEC International. With such a nexus developments can be maintained and generated. Hence, the MC has to make sure that AIESEC Malta remains aligned to the global directions of AIESEC International and all countries where AIESEC is present, and to also have a presence in international conferences. On a national level, the MC has to develop and maintain strategy, direction and growth with members, alumni, and stakeholders.

My ideal MC environment and working culture would be one in which there is diversity, different ideas and an influx of energy. Hence, in such a team it is not just the individual that matters but the whole group. Hence, my contributions, such as ideas and commitment, would be multiplied by the cooperation of the whole team.

Challenges that I foresee in being part of the MC would be a difficult balance between University, AIESEC and family and friends. There can also be clashes between different opinions, as well as difficulty in finding consistent time-slots for meetings. Other personal challenges include convincing my parents that what I'm doing is more than worthwhile. However, the list of opportunities is endless. I would not only be developing new skills and getting to explore my own horizons, but I would also be influencing others to grow more both on the personal level and on the professional level as well. Moreover, as part of the MC, I would be helping in reaching the goals, aims and mission of AIESEC.

My first preference is MC VP Communication and Information Management, the reason being that I enjoy working in a Public Relations environment, working to expose AIESEC, its ideas and opportunities. Furthermore, I have been in this functional team for the last year and a half and I feel that I have the required amount of knowledge and experience. Of course, learning never ends.

My second preference is MC VP Talent Management and Organisation Developement. The aspect of Human Resources is interesting, as I will be able to note and examine the progress of the members of AIESEC in Malta through evaluating their work. It will be fun as well to organise activities between the members themselves so as to rekindle a fun spirit after a lot of hard work.

MC VP Communication and Information Management

In any situation, one encounters problems but also good things. The Communication timeline set out at the start of the 2012-13 term is being met, however certain things are not. This is due to the three biggest bottlenecks. Firstly the team has many projects to meet but as yet they have not all fully materialized. Secondly members need to have a good foundation of essential communication tools including Photoshop. This ensues a long period of training. What makes the situation slightly worse is when a member won't be doing his/her work and thus, the whole team falls behind. Lastly projects at the top should be delegated to all members. The improvement for Communication function is to delegate work efficiently between member. A selection of current members in this team will be teaching new members the basic tools necessary for the communication team whilst the rest will be helping on with the work. Finally whenever a project needs to materialize, members will need to do their utmost to finalise a project.

My strategies to increase international communication efficiency are to provide for a good transition for the team leader while being constantly there to support him/her. Moreover in order to enhance efficiency I would make sure that the team members would have a good knowledge of the main tools necessary within communication including newsletters, no-reply memos, social media such as Facebook, YouTube, the recently launched blog, and good management of the website. I would also do meetings with the team leader and the team members in order for feedback to be given and for advice as well. Furthermore tutorials about will be given so that team members will learn how to utilize this medium which is instrumental for branding AIESEC Malta so that Wikis can be uploaded and all other necessary material. Lastly goals will be set so as to achieve certain tasks by a set date while members will be encouraged to capitalize on their expertise while also opting to develop the said expertise in other fields necessary for communication including video editing. I will keep building on the brilliant idea of Nicole Scerri, the current MCVP of Communication and IM, to showcase AIESEC through its values. I am also hoping that AIESEC will expose itself in partaking in certain activities such as the annual President's Fun run and various charities. I will also like to focus on simple and short videos that will have an effect on the audience. Also, at the moment the team is working on the Public Speaking session which will be held for all students. A strategy that I would also like to implement is that different session and tournaments will be held in each month of the academic year for all students in corporation with our partners; for example we can hold a Leadership Tournament or Business talks with the help of either/both PWC and MISCO. Another strategy would be to focus on MCAST as it would not be right to have students who are not aware of the many opportunities of AIESEC.

I would manage all of the activities of the Communication based on the yearly timeline by coordinating with the team leader who would then delegate the work with the team members. Moreover in order to manage such activities I would also be in constant contact with the other MCVPs so that should they need any help to promote one of their events they would know which team member to contact within the Communications function provided that the leader is there to help as well. Moreover should an Organizing Committee be set up to manage one of the events in the yearly timeline I would encourage one of the team members to apply for the position. Training is vital for this team hence, as I stated before some members will be training the new ones whilst the others will be working on Communication material. I would also meet with the team throughout Summer so that certain projects can be implemented and not wait till the academic term starts as we will obviously have too much on our plate to chew.

I would capitalize external sources by ensuring that the team members would invest in communication tools such as Photoshop, mailchimp, smore, video editing softwares. The newsletter and no reply-memo are also an important source of promotion for AIESEC while also not forgetting the importance of using social media including Facebook, Twitter and Likedin to reach a wider audience. These could be used for internal as well as external purposes with the newsletter having the potential to be used externally since it can be adapted to reach all university students and partners. External resources will be capitalized by having team members taking care of contacting newspapers and relevant magazines so that articles about AIESEC would also feature on this medium of communications. Moreover broadcasting should also be capitalized by promoting messages which are in line to our brand both on radio as well as on television, the latter along with video editing being mediums which we can fully invest in. We will also have more resources to do external newsletters aiming to reach both potential partners and sponsors as well as students.

The synergy with other MCVPs I believe will be developed by meeting regularly whereby feedback will be given with regards to developments in each team and time for designing strategy will also be allocated. Moreover efficient communication outside the regular meetings should also be developed so that coordination and communication would be ongoing. Furthermore I believe that the MCVPs should know the projects of each team so that they can lend their expertise if needs be. Lastly team bonding activities should also be organized so that the team could get to know each other since they need to work and coordinate effectively together throughout the year.

MC VP Talent Management

TM has made great improvements on ensuring that members are getting the full experience that is available. However, the team needs to improve the work on, meaning to make sure that everyone has his/her roles updated on the system. Something else which might be needed from TM is to give more training to both the other MCVPs and the members themselves. In order to ensure member experiences I will try to set up meetings individually with members. I would also encourage other MC VP members to make sure that they are in constant contact with their own team members and ensure that they are delegating the work which needs to be done in a way that all members are learning something out of what they are doing. Also more team bonding activities would be organised. I would encourage MCVPs and also Team Leaders to find the best possible way to communicate with the members in order for constant and effective communication to be in motion and to send updates on members and the timeline.

With regards to recruitment I would try to recruit as many people as possible and try to exceed the number of this year during Freshers’ week both at University and also at MCAST.

For selection, I would set up meetings with those who are really interested in joining and

interview them briefly to see who they are, and start getting an idea of which team would fit them best. Eventually with regards to transition I would pass on all my resources and knowledge to the new team leader.

With regards to partners we can try to set an agreement so that representatives can come to university to give some kind of training which I and the MC as a team would make sure fits for the members. There shoudl also be more sessions and opportunities to the alumni as well. The actual is also an external resource which could help member development. Apart from getting the members used to the system, suggestions as to what might be interesting to read or search for in order to develop themselves more and also to see what other contributions they could give to the organisation.

I believe that the team should get to know each other on a personal level so as to work better on a professional level. In order to develop good communication I believe that honesty, trust and respect are really important. It is important to share not only with regards but also on a somewhat personal level, obviously to an extent which is comfortable. I will also be open to criticism in order to improve myself personally and also to improve my work with regards to the team.