Health & Safety

For a Fitness Instructor

Tip's For Fitness Instructor

Top Ten Tips For a Fitness Instructor

  1. check if your client is health

  2. Make sure that your fitness workout covers all muscle groups.
  3. Tell them to try new exercises to avoid routine.
  4. Make sure people adapt to your environment.
  5. Tell them to Have a balanced diet.
  6. Make sure you know fitness rulers.
  7. Create a safe environment around people.
  8. Stay close to people who need motivation.
  9. Help people who need help.
  10. Try to convince people to have a healthier lifestyle.

Previous Client Health Conditions.

The client have to tell the fitness Instructor about your previous health condition because if you don't tell them it can be dangers for you. For example if the Instructor don't know about your health, he can give you high intensity work out and it can effect your health.

Area Risk Assessment.

There have to be a safe area to work out in a fitness room because if you don't it can get you hurt and it can be not safe for other people. For example if there is water on the floor or there is glass on the floor, that can be very dangers for the a client and the fitness Instructor.

Gym Equipment Induction.

The fitness Instructor has to tell the person how to work the gym equipment because it can be danger if you don't know how to use the gym equipment and if you don't know how to use it ,the gym equipment might break also the fitness instructor has to know how to stop the gym equipment and to tell the person who is using it how to use it.