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Animal Trainer

What is an Animal Trainer?

An Animal Trainer trains many different animals for different reasons. Some of the things that people train animals for are to rescue people, train a dog to be a leader for blind and deaf people, train horses to cooperate with police so they won't get spooked by things that police run into, and many other things.

How can I be an Animal Trainer?


To become an Animal Trainer you need to have a High School diploma or a GED. The skills that you would need to be would be that you will have to be very observational and a problem solver. You will need to be a calm and patient person if doing this job.

Need to know Facts

An annual salary for an animal trainer would be around $25,980. The job growth is moving more slowly than average at about 3 to 6 percent. Who might higher Animal Trainers? Places that higher animal trainers would be Sea World, United States Army, and Walt Disney Studios.

I want that Job

My name is Paige Penson and I have done research on Animal Trainers. i find their job to look really fun and intresting.