Russell Wilson

This is made by Josh Breider and Kaden Myers

Russell Wilson when he was in high school

So we are going to talk to you about the amazing Russell Wilson. So Russell Wilson started with high school. In high school he played Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track. But little did he know that he would be a Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

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High school-College-NFL

After high school he went to Wisconsin and played for the Wisconsin Badgers! Russell Wilson had a huge year for the Badgers they went to the Rose Bowl! But sadly they lost.:( The year after that he got drafted from the Seattle Seahawks and he and the Seahawks went to the playoffs but lost to the Atlanta Falcons in 2012 but this year he has a good chance to win the Super Bowl.

Question and answers

Russell Wilson is 5/11 and he weigh's 206 lb and his favorite food is steak and macaroni and cheese.Also he was born November 28 1988 and he is 25 years old. Also he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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