Write On!!

Learn how to be the best writer in town!

The Five Tips Steps of Writing

The five steps of writing is the process of writing the best story ever! The steps are pre writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Your story will be the most rocking story in the school!

Ba Da Bing!

A Ba Da Bing is a awesome way to give your introduction a super cool start! In a Ba Da Bing, Ba stands for what you are doing. You usually start with "As I was". A example of Ba would be "As I was waking to the bus stop". The Da stands for what you saw. You would start with "I saw". A example of Da would be "I saw all my friends with a big poster in their hands". Finally the Bing stands for what you thought. You would start with "I thought". A example of Bing would be "I thought to my self, I hope I did not leave my project a home." When you put it all together it will be, "As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw all my friends standing there with a big poster in their hands. I thought to my self, "I hope I did not leave my project at home."

Story Web

A story web will help you think of what you to write about. Now that we are in middle school, Teachers will often pick the subject to write about. Even though you can have as big as a variety, You will have plenty ideas. In the Story Webbelow there is a center circle. That is where you will out the topic your teacher chose. In all the outer circles you will put some ideas you have about that topic. After you have all your topics, You will choose one from your five ideas.

Example: Topic-Summer Vacation

Ideas: Beach, Family Trip, Main Event, Sports, Summer School

A story web will help you brain storm about what you want to write about fast.

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Highlight Your Story

When you are done revising your story it should be filled up with annotations and other things that you used to revise your story. One way to make sure you do not have run on sentences is to highlight your sentences. Pick two different colors and highlight each sentence. Make sure you switch color when you highlight the next sentence. After highlighting, go back and make sure all your sentences make since and all your sentences and not too long or not too short.

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Asking a Friend for Help

A story can always be a little bit better so make sure you ask someone else how they think of it. Maybe your friend can help you fix something you messed up on. Your friend can make little notes on the side to make sure your story is the best it can be. After you friend is done checking it you can read their comments they made on your paper and decide if you want to change it or not. When you have checked over it and made some changes go look for a DIFFERENT friend and ask them to check over it. It is always good to make sure your story is the best that you know you can do.

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Final Copy!!

You are now ready to write down your final copy! If you have used all the tips above you totally will have the best story ever!

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