Flares and Advintshers

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My friend and I used to hate walking long distances because our legs started to get tired. We needed a solution. So we invented Flares! They're shoes with springs on the bottom of them and with that certain spring you can bounce high and touch the sky. What I'm saying is that the shoes can get you "there" faster. They also help you run faster. But I can't forget Advintshers! They're Flares but for kids! Now your kid can have fun in the sun all day, so if you're a kid that's looking for fun get Advintshers! Touch the sky with Advintshers and Flares. Made buy TRACKS.


About my partner and I

My partner's names is Vincent and my name is Asher. We are good friends and when we thought of the idea that we should stop our legs from hurting we needed a solution. We put our minds together and with good friendship and hard work we came up with the Flares. We are continuing too improve on the Flares so wish us luck.

More Info

Scan this QR code to check out our presentation about the Flares and Advintshers
or click this link http://prezi.com/rslobzkrdcfi/flares-and-advintshers/. Also look at our website page, advintshersflares.weebly.com. Or even our comic! http://www.pixton.com/comic/1kkj14qe