Nervous System

By Brenda Palma-Perez

The job of the nervous system

Do you ever wounder what the job is of the nervous system and you go ask your friends and each of your friends tell you a different job and you don't know who is right, will all of them are right because the nervous system has different jobs like the control and communication system of the body and anther job is to send and receive messages and there is anther job it has like to help some of the other systems in our body, so after reading this part of the flier you won't be confused no more when you ask a friend what the job is of the nervous system or if a friend asks you on who is right.

Fun Facts and other important stuff, maybe

Two fun fact and one important stuff.

Okay, here is a fun fact, do you ever wounder how long is the nervous system or how fast is the electrical impulses the nervous system well I am going to tell you, the nervous is 45 miles of nerves in the body and the electrical impulses can travel up to 248 miles per hour! Know here is one important thing and the thing is the major organs and functions and the major organs are the brain, spinal cord, nerves and the sense organs and the major organs is it controls all of your body's activities.

The nervous system

Here is a last picture of the nervous system.