Eva Peron

A strong and powerful speaking woman

What was her Impact?

She started off poor then she ran away at age 15 to become an radio actress and a model , she married Juan Peron. When she was first lady of Argentina, she saw how poor Argentina was and it reminded her how she started off in life.(poor) So she decided to fight and wanted to make a difference to the people.

How did she met Juan Peron (president of Argentina)

She found a job at a radio station and stayed there until 1943. She met Juan Peron at a charity event,at the time he was running for president. Eva was involved with the elections and used her radio connections to make him known.

What caused her to step up for the poor and for women's suffrage?

She saw how poor the people of Argentina was and how women couldn't vote,so when she married Juan,he got elected president, she got interest in to changing the Argentina Government for the better. She created the Eva Peron foundation to help the poor of Argentina. when she was helping some people despised her because she was so involved with politics and that she came from a poor background.
Evita's Last Speech (1951)