Espanol y El Cerebro

Spanish and the Brain

When is it better to learn a second language?

Some say it is better to learn a second language at a younger age and some say it is better to learn at an older age. Well scientists have shown studies that show that it is better to learn when you are young and during puberty. But, why is it better to learn at these ages?

Why is it better to learn at an early age?

When you are young your brain is using the same side of the brain to learn. If you are learning at a young age around five or younger it becomes a native language to you. This makes it easier to learn the language because you can easily understand the basics. This allows the time to learn the language proficiently to take about 2-3 years.

Why is it better to learn during puberty?

During puberty your mind hasn't fully completed laterlization and you use both sides of the brain. This lets you comprehend words better. Allowing you to understand words better. The problem with it is that this makes the language harder to speak and takes about 4-10 years to reach your academic level.

How have these theories been proved?

Scientist have done research to find this out. They have found that toddlers and teenagers learn a second launguage faster. This due to laterlization which is completed by puberty. It then becomes harder for the brain to learn a new language because you have been talking one language your whole life.