This Land is Our Land

Asegurar nuestra nación

Currently Mexican law does not allow American citizens to purchase and own land within 60 miles of the border or 30 miles within it's coast. In order to increase commerce Mexican law makers are looking to lift that ban and allow foreigners to own land. This is putting our country at great risk of losing it's treasured coastal lands. We have learned from our Nations history that you cannot trust the American people, for if we allow them this privilege they will take advantage of our hospitality once again.

Looking To the Past

Last time the Mexican Government allowed American citizens to colonize their lands they were treated with disrespect. The American people refused to follow Mexican law and refused to coincide with other requests made by the Mexican government. They started a bloody war that destroyed several Mexican missions, slaughtered thousands of our countrymen, and forced the government to sigh half of our lands over to them. In his novel Reason in Common Sense, Mexico native George Santayana writes "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Do we want to repeat history? To once again have our toes stepped on by the American People? Are we prepared to loose our precious coast land? Because if history is any indication, we can not trust the Americans they are always greedy and always looking to fulfill their "Manifest Destiny".