Bruneau Elementary Newsletter

October 2020

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 10th School Board Meeting at BES, 1:00pm

Friday, November 13th Teacher Inservice

Monday, November 16th Picture Retakes

November 20th-29th Thanksgiving Break

A Note From The Principal

Bruneau Elementary Families,

It’s hard to believe that we have gone through 1 quarter already! Your students have been hard at work and have been making incredible growth. You may already know that BES has set a goal this year of getting 80% of our students reading fluently at their grade level based on our Istation reading assessment. We are proud of all of the students who are working hard to meet their goals in reading.

Thank you again for everything you do at home to support the success of your students and their school!

K/1 Miss Wampler

In kindergarten and first grade we have been reading informational texts to answer the question, how do animals' bodies help them survive? Our first story was about animal feet and this week we are reading about animal eye sight. First grade is working on writing an informational text about giraffes. First grade will be reading their giraffe books to the kindergarteners to help them learn more interesting facts.

In kindergarten math we have been working on finding the ways to make 10 and sorting objects into categories. In first grade math we have been working on solving word problems and writing true and false equations.

We also enjoyed learning about fire safety with Mrs. Buckingham this month!

2/3 Mrs. Graham

Happy October, everyone! At the beginning of the month, 2nd and 3rd grade took their monthly reading assessment and they ROCKED it! All of the 2nd and 3rd graders scored so well and I made sure to tell them how proud I am of them. These guys continue to work hard and make improvements each and every day.

In math, 2nd grade is adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. 3rd grade started multiplication and division, and have been practicing every day to make sure they know their multiplication facts. Both grades are working hard in reading, making sure they’ve learned their spelling words, they’re practicing reading independently, and they’re answering questions to show their understanding.

With all the craziness going on, I am loving that our little school has been able to continue on like normal. I am quite thankful that I still have a class full of students who are so eager to be here, and that we still have the opportunity to learn together.

4/5 Mrs. Pearson

I’m SO glad to be back in the classroom! It’s been a busy month.

In math, 4th grade is learning to see multiplication as a comparison and writing their own multiplication comparisons. An example from Zane: Zane has 4 horses. His dad had 7 times as many as Zane, so his dad had 28 horses. 5th grade is learning about decimal place value and that decimals relate to fractions: 1/10 is the same as 0.1.

In science, we have started learning all about plant and animals cells and how they are similar and different from each other. We are learning about the functions of the organelles and we will be drawing and labeling the parts of a cell. Ily brought her microscope to share with the class and we viewed grass cells from the playground.

In writing, we learned to use personification to write descriptive sentences about fall trees and added onomatopoeia to their haunted house narrative.

Students in the reading circle group finished their first novel- The One and Only Ivan, and are designing their own zoo that features creative and humane habitats for the animals.

September & October Cape Run

Each month, we select students from each grade level that have shown outstanding growth on our Istation reading assessment to participate in our cape run.

September's Students: Madison Glidden, Case Fowers, Jackson Kunsky, Brylee Folkman, Emmet Shaum, and Ulices Rivera

October's Students: Hap Prow, Ryker Shaum, Marilyn Black, Kenzley Fowers, Rigo Lewis Farfan, and Jackson Kunsky

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September Students of The Month

Our September students of the month were chosen for showing exceptional hygiene in the classroom at BES.

October Students of The Month

Our October students of the month were chosen for using grit and showing a growth mindset at BES.

Red Ribbon Week

Bruneau Elementary students dressed up this week to show how to have fun and make healthy choices. We ended our week with the balloon launch to say we will be drug free.
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