Eating Healthier

Easy fixes that can help make your diet healther

Tips for food shopping

Food shopping is important because it's easy to make healthy decisions at home when you've already made the healthy decision at the store. Don't go to the store on an empty stomach. Going to the store when hungry can sometimes cause you to make some unhealthy decisions. Also, stay out of the unhealthy snacking aisles. In stores there are usually aisles that are stocked mostly with junk food. Avoid these aisles and you'll be in good shape (literally and figuratively)!

Eating in moderation

Eating junk foods in moderation is key. If you choose to eat a food that is high in sugar or fat, don't eat so much of it. Avoid eating in front of a television because it leads to mindless overeating. Also, before you begin eating, ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you are just eating because you are bored. Lastly, avoid eating at night. Don't stay up too late and eat a good amount at dinner so that you won't be hungry later.

Add some color

Typically, the more color your plate has, the better. If your plate looks bland, the nutritional value probably isn't good, so add some green vegetables. Fruits also vary in color so you can toss those in too.