Hawk Eye News

Henderson Weekly Newsletter

September 8, 2015

“People of excellence go the extra mile to do what's right.”
Joel Osteen

Commit to Excellence #C2E

We had a huge distraction this past week. It was tough with the dissolving of two classrooms. You implemented "distraction control" and handled our loss with grace and excellence. I am so proud of team hawk.

Read the statements below as often as you need to remain focused!

  • The children who need the most love, ask for it in the most unloving ways. (Be patient)
  • Smart is something you can become. (Believe in the abilities of your students)
  • Pray for a stronger back, not a lighter load. (Sharpen your saw)
  • You can't live a positive life with negative people. (Be positive)
  • You are preparing children for jobs that may not even exist yet. (Be creative)
  • Commit to every child every day. (Commit to excellence)
  • Focus, commitment, ongoing learning, confidence, positive imagery, mental readiness, and distraction control are the critical elements of excellence. (Be willing to grow)

CKH/Conscious Discipline

We must be intentional with CKH and Conscious Discipline. We must be consistent....

  • School wide signal is time out. (should use in the classroom as well)
  • Refer to the social contract each day.
  • Students should check each other if not abiding by the contract.
  • Use the 4 questions if checking is not working.
  • Use classroom raters on how you are doing as a class.

Remember, you must have their hearts before you can have their head.


Thank you to Mrs. MacDonald for organizing desserts for Thursday. It was such a nice treat. I want to personally thank Mrs. Marak for diving in and doing a great job as our counselor. I love that you are hanging out in classrooms to get to know the kids!

I hope that Maria Jimenez is reading this newsletter. I want to affirm her. She has handled this move to Neal with such grace and dignity. I am so proud to call her a Henderson Hawk!

If you share affirmations with me I would be happy to put them in this newsletter!

Grandparent's Day Logistics

Friday will be grandparent's lunch. As in the past, please prepare something special for grandparents. It can be as simple as a card or note. Any small gesture will be appreciated. Students who have a visitor eating lunch with them will remain in the cafeteria. Students who do not have a visitor, will eat lunch in the classroom with their teachers. The book fair will be open for last minute sales.


  • PTO Meeting Tuesday night. Please attend if you signed up for this night.
  • Daily pledge is Tuesday first thing.
  • Most HR courses should be completed by September 18th.
  • PDAS course should be completed by September 14th.
  • Complete your friends and family square for our board. (we still have a few out)
  • Take pictures and video to create a meaningful first few weeks of school memories video or slide show for parents to view at Parent Orientation (Hawk Night). I will be advertising this on the flyer. Please get with Mrs. Greenlee if you need an iPad.
  • As student work goes up in the hallway, please make sure to have an “I can” statement with the work. Only topnotch work should be in the hallways!! J
  • Please make at least one positive parent contact by phone by September 7th. I have shared a spreadsheet that you can document your contacts on. Please share the spreadsheet with me and Linda by September 8th.

Hawk Night Logistics

  • Wear slacks and Henderson shirts.
  • 5:00pm meet in cafeteria. I will introduce staff. You will stand around the edges by the walls. Once you are introduced you may leave to your rooms.
  • Pass out first day of school pictures (out on desks)
  • First session (5:30-6:20)orientation with a strategy for parents. (parents who attend receive one ticket per enrolled child in that grade)
  • Second session (6:25-7:15) orientation with a strategy for parents. (Parents who attend receive one ticket per enrolled child in that grade)
  • Parents can pick up prizes in the cafeteria. Must have ticket for prize.
  • Childcare in the gym or possibly art room.
  • You will be provided a snack for the classroom.
  • Book fair will be open until 7:45pm.
  • If a teacher has no parents for the 2nd session, he/she does not need to stay.

Daily Pledge Logistics

Daily pledge will start close to 8:30. This moves very quickly. Please bring your KBTX signed waivers to the cafeteria when your class is called. Students with waivers will stand on the stage steps and teachers are welcome to join them. They will be videoed as they say the pledge. Here is the order to be called-4th grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, kinder, 2nd grade, 1st grade. Please be flexible and ready to go when your class is called. It is pretty exciting that our kiddos will be on TV saying the pledge. This is the 3rd year in a row!

Mark Your Calendar!


4-11 Scholastic Book Fair

8 KBTX Daily Pledge

Positive Parent Contacts Due

PTO Meeting 6-7

9 No Faculty Meeting

10 Hawk Night

11 Grandparent's Lunch

16 Faculty Meeting

18 16 de septiembre -Mexican Independence Celebration/Big Kahuna Fundraiser Kick Off


21-10/2 Big Kahuna Fundraiser

23 Faculty Meeting

29 McTeacher Night 5-7

30 Faculty Meeting