HITLER'S Impenetrable Wall

Allies Must Breach the Wall in Order to Invade Europe

Summary of Event

The Allies attacked the Atlantic Wall on June, 6 1944, or what we know as D-Day now. This was a huge part of the war because if they succeeded and Allied Forces got a foothold on the beaches, they would win the war in the long run. Both sides knew this, so the Axis built the wall. The attack took around a day and a half. One of the main reasons the wall failed is because it wasn't deep enough, it was 2,000 miles long but once you got a mile in there wasn't really anything left to stop you.


When the Allied Forces attacked the Atlantic Wall, it would decide the fate of the war. If the allies established a foothold on the beachheads of Normandy, the war would be over. Then the Allies could send all troops and supplies. Hitter also knew this, so he constructed the Atlantic Wall. This wall consisted of pillboxes, bunkers, Rommel's teeth, mines, barbed wire, and Belgian gates. The wall was approximately 2,000 miles long.

If you didn't get hit by artillery while you were still in your boat, when you landed on the beach you had to get through all those defenses while being under enemy fire. If you were lucky enough to make it past the gates, mines, barbed wire, you were greeted by MG42 machine gun bunkers. There were also multiple Anti Air guns to prevent an air raid. One of the main reasons why this wall failed is because a majority of the defenses were somewhere else due to the phantom army.

To accompany the beach landings we also airdropped 13,000 troops behind enemy lines. 722 planes were sent to drop the troops, and when the planes were about to drop the troops around 50 were damaged because of flak or shot down by the Anti Air guns.

About 900 troops died because of that. When the troops dropped out of the planes many of them were shot down, and since the planes were going 200 mph faster then what the drop speed should be, many of the troops legs broke when they landed. The first couple of squads were captured by the Germans, but then they went back to sleep!


“There was no choice about it. We had to go. Naturally we weren’t enthusiastic, but it is not as if we had any choice. The conditions were not terrible. We weren’t beaten or anything and we got a basic wage. At the start we could go home on Sundays, but after Stalingrad they put up barbed wire and we were stuck inside the work camp. Of course we knew we were building defenses for the Germans, and it felt bad. I remember at the end of the war, my two brothers came home. One had been a prisoner, the other a deportee. I felt so bad I did not want to go to the party celebrating their return. But I do think the wall should be preserved now. It is important to remember what happened – the ignominy of it all, the cataclysm that we had to endure.” Rene-Georges Lubat


  • The wall was 2,000 miles long
  • Over 110,000 people died
  • 78,000 Germans died
  • 10,000 Americans died
  • 17,000 British died
  • 5,000 Canadians died
  • 950 Polish died
  • 9,000,000+ mines


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