By: B. Porter


The followers of the Christian faith are called Christians.


A teaching they practice is that there is only one God witch means it is a monotheism.

Places of Worship

The Church is the place where Christians worship.

The picture to the right is a Church

Sacraments and Traditions

These includes baptism witch marks entry into the church and Holy communion to remember Jesus's Last supper.

A common figure of this religion is Abraham. This religion's view of God is that there is only one God.

Holy Places and Cities

Jerusalem is important to Christians because there lies the church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The church to the right is that very church.

Holy Holidays

Christens celebrate Christmas for birth of Christ, and Easter for death and resurrection of Christ.

The Cross

The cross is a symbol of Jesus's pain and sacrifice for mankind.

The picture bellow shows a Symbol of Christianity the cross.

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