Title 9 of the Education Amendments

David Dimase and Ian Boldiston

Introduction of Title IX

The Title IX of the Education Amendments gave women many new opportunities in the education department. They could no longer be discriminated against in the educational area. Also women's collegiate and school sports have to receive the same funding as men's sports. This is just a small part of Title IX that changed society for the better.

The Major Event

The Title IX of Education Amendments was put into place in 1972. This law banned sexual discrimination in educational programs that received federal funds. This affected women all across America. This event was extremely important because before the law was put into place, women would not get equal treatment as men did. Women would have to deal with problems and obstacles that slowed them down. Men did not have to deal with these problems, like being underfunded for example.
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The People Involved In the Event

All women in the USA have been affected by Title IX. Women wanted equal funding and equal treatment in education programs because they were not able to get the same opportunities as men. They were being limited by the unjust funding and treatment. Women wanted equal rights so they could have the same jobs, pay, and word on what goes on in their nation.

Important Quote

“Title IX has probably had more impact on the American education system than any other piece of federal legislation.”

Allison Kasic

Nine for IX Film Series

Deeper Thinking

It has affected women because they can now get a deeper education in their life. For example, some of the great inspirational women like Oprah Winfry, Shirley Chisholm, and Geraldine Ferraro would not have been to get to where they are today without the Title IX Amendments. The world would be so much different without title IX. There would be far less women with jobs and less education throughout America.

David: Title IX has affected me because my mom wouldn't have the same job working in city hall without the TItle IX because she probably would not have gone to college.

Ian: Title IX has affected me because my mom works for the government and without title IX she would be discriminated against and she might not even work the same job.

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