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Welcome to Ms. King's 5th Grade


It's an online learning platform for teachers and students. It'll be the hub of our classroom. Assignments will be online and accessible from any computer or mobile device. Students will learn digital citizenship, tech skills, how to collaborate, and have many opportunities for individualized learning through the use of apps.

The Flipped Classroom

The "flipped classroom" is where traditional homework becomes classwork and traditional classwork becomes the homework. This allows the student to learn the basic concepts at home, at their own pace by watching short videos of instruction. During class, students will be engaged in activities to stretch their thinking and skill level with the support of a teacher.

Game-Based Learning

Recent research about the brain and how we learn has proven that game-based learning motivates kids to learn, retain information, and a whole host of other positive outcomes.

STEM/STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

Special Grants for Our Class

Reflex- $1625 Grant to help students master their basic facts. Kids will be required to practice their times tables/division facts about 15 minutes each night.

Study Sync- $300 Reading and Writing program tied to the Common Core

Donors Choose- Early part of September watch for a way to help out our class and businesses will match the donations.

Jordan Education Foundation- For tax purposes, donate to Elk Meadows Elementary Fifth Grade/King's Class

Edutype- $1,000 Help kids master keyboarding skills. Students should be able to keyboard 25 words per minute.

Other- Gifted/Talented, Edmodo, Tech

Would your business like to sponsor our class, grade, school?

Classroom Management

Fifth Grade Passport- Students will have the opportunity to participate in a grade level activity each month. The passport will track daily behavior and give reminders to complete missing assignments.
Class Dojo- Students will earn Dojo points for demonstrating behavior according to the 7 Habits.

Students who try their best to demonstrate the 7 Habits will be rewarded with the following:
1. A GREAT feeling!
2. Higher grades (academic/behavior)
3. Class/Grade activities, falcon feathers, money, stickers, points, badges, etc.

Hierarchy of Consequences-
1. Warning
2. Mark on Passport/5 minutes of recess
3. Think Time/miss recess
4. Call home/miss lunch recess
5. Office referral

*Severe Clause: Any student who endangers another student or destroys school property will immediately be taken to the office.

Volunteers Needed!

Friday Mornings 8:25-9:15 Students will be reading and completing a literature activity. We need parents to cover our classes to allow us more time to plan instruction to meet the needs of individuals.

February 27 Fieldtrip- We need 30 parents to supervise the kids as they work as employees of a company. Parents will need to drive to Gateway that morning for a parent training session that begins at 8:30 am.

Holidays- Halloween, Christmas, Valentines

Activities- Colonial Days, Spring "Tea", Field Day

Help from home- Help in the classroom

Career Day/Other Guest Speakers

PTA- The PTA is awesome to support our classrooms and kids. They need volunteers for all of the great activities that they provide.

Teacher/Parent Communication is Essential!

Communication between the teacher and parents is vital. Please talk to me about ANY concern that you have. How can you keep "in the know" about our class?
1. Open door policy- You are invited to come in the class at any time. Please just follow policy and check in at the office first. :)
2. Edmodo Parent Account- This is where you can get a glimpse of what's happening in the classroom every day.
3. Planner- Students will write down their homework daily.
4. Class blog- Information and Resources
5. email-
6. 5th Grade Passport: Gives you information about classroom behavior and any missing work on a daily basis.
7. Phone: 801-466-3200
8. 5th Grade Blog
9. Twitter Tuesdays
10. Remind 101: Text messages