Edgewood's Tiger Talk

May 4, 2018

Notes from the Principal

At the last coffee with the principal, we started talking about our common difficulty getting kids out the door on time. Many kids, regardless of their age, don't have our sense of urgency when getting shoes on. Developmentally, this makes sense. The ability to think forward and see the consequences of not getting shoes on quickly, both for themselves and for others, is abstract. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating!

I struggle with this with my own kids in the morning, and I often find myself thinking, "Meg, use your teacher skills!" When I remember to use my work brain at home, things tend to go better. Here are some home adaptations of strategies we might use in the classroom if we were struggling with getting things done on time:

  • Follow a non-preferred activity (e.g. getting shoes on) with a preferred activity (e.g. watching a TV show, picking the song you'll listen to in the car, picking out their snack for the day). This might sound like, "When you have your shoes and coat on, you can watch TV for 22 minutes before the bus comes." Or, "After your coat and shoes are on, you can pick out your snack for today! If I need to help you, then I'll pick it."
  • Add music. This usually brightens everyone's mood. Play an upbeat, familiar song, and challenge everyone to be ready by the time it's over. It'll put you all in a better mood.
  • For younger kids, make it a race with you/each other. (*Note--this does not work well if you have kids that get frustrated if they lose.)
  • Provide structured choices: "You have 3 things to do--clothes, breakfast, and brushing teeth. What do you want to do first?"

Let me know if any work for you!

Spotlight on Reading Instruction

One of the big shifts in instruction since most of us were in school is that we work to individually tailor instruction for each child. You may have heard teachers talk about "running records." A running record is an informal assessment where the teacher listens to a child read, noticing errors he/she makes and has a conversation with the student about what they read. From this, the teacher notes strengths and weaknesses and determines next instructional steps for students.

Here, Mrs. Hess and Mrs. Hannis complete running records with students as other students in the class are reading independently. Their next step will be to talk with one another to find commonalities, build common needs into class lessons, and needs of others into small group or individual coaching sessions.

Guidance with Mrs. Michlig

Guidance Update

Across the various grade levels we are talking about drugs. That may sound surprising, but it is done in an age appropriate manner with the focus on safety. All students have learned that drugs are substances that cause changes. Our primary focus in K5 and 1st grade is that students know that medicines are drugs that can cause good changes to make us feel better, but can also cause bad changes if not taken properly. They've learned that they should never help themselves to medicines and only take medicines from big people that love them. Images have been shown to demonstrate how similar medicine and candy can look. A lesson on poisons also emphasized being safe with the many chemicals that exist in our homes. 2nd-4th graders also learn about the different types of drug use from non-use, responsible use, abuse and addiction. Students are encouraged to talk to parents about these lessons. Pre-teens and teens are more likely to go to parents with questions and concerns if the foundation for open conversation is established in the early years.

Body Image

Promoting a healthy body image in our children, especially our girls, is more important than ever. They are often bombarded with images of how they should look. It's sometimes hard to know how to respond when they say certain things. This article provides wonderful food for thought and ideas in how to raise confident girls. https://www.girlscouts.org/en/raising-girls/happy-and-healthy/happy/body-image-daughter-says-she-is-fat.html

Parent Resources for Preteens

Recently 4th and 5th grade students participated in lessons related to hygiene and physical changes that occur during puberty. Often times it's hard to know how to support our children during all these changes. A good starting point is https://www.pgschoolprograms.com/Parents If you are interested in more information, feel free to contact Mrs. Michlig, School Counselor.

EHSA Update

Come join the May EHSA meeting to discuss the 2018-2019 calendar, including fundraising and special events. Tuesday, May 8th 6:30 pm (6:15 refreshments and socializing, children welcome.)

The 6th annual Walk-a-thon with the Brewers Racing Sausages is May 11th. It's a great way to earn great prizes and raise money for our school! Forms were sent home in Thursday folders and due May 8th.

Now is a great time to get involved! Our May and June meetings will be very important. We will be planning our end of the year and beginning of the year events- including the back to school picnic and fall fundraisers. We will also be holding board elections for EHSA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Meetings begin at 6:30, join us at 6:15 for treats and socializing. Children are welcome.

We are working to increase our parent communication to those that cannot make it to meetings, but would like to stay involved. If you are not on our email list- please email ehsagreenfield@gmail.com and we will add you.

Looking ahead:

May 8th 6:30 PM EHSA Meeting: 2018-2019 Event calendar including fundraisers and volunteer opportunities

May 11th 2 PM - Edgewood Walkathon with the Brewers Racing Sausages (fundraising forms will be in Thursday Folders)

June 12th 6:30 PM EHSA Meeting: EHSA Board Elections and planning beginning of the year events

Are you getting the EHSA Parent Newsletter?

Next Year

In the next few weeks, we will be working on class placements for the 18-19 school year. If you have something you'd like me to take into consideration, please send me an email (mboyd@greenfield.k12.wi.us), a note, or give me a call no later than 5/15. Please note that requests from previous years are not saved, so even if you've shared something in the past, please share it again.

5th Grade Parents

Camp GMS, which is an excellent opportunity for incoming 6th grade students to get to know Greenfield Middle School before the school year begins. Students should come to Camp ready to learn more about GMS, participate in some fun activities, and enjoy a mid-morning snack. There is no need for students to bring any school materials with them; just wear comfortable clothes and prepare to have fun!

Please make note of the important information below:

DATE: Monday, August 27th

TIME: 8:00AM-12:00PM

LOCATION: Greenfield Middle School

3200 W. Barnard Ave

Students should arrive to the middle school by 8:00 am and be picked up at 12:00 pm. Drop-off and pick-up location will be at the main entrance of the middle school building. If you have any questions please call the Greenfield MS main office at (414) 281-3314.

Fill out this form if you'd like your kids to attend Camp GMS this year. It's a great way to help your child transition to middle school! https://goo.gl/forms/zWO1Q3ko4F81KbSC3

Know any kids who will be in K4 next year? Or have new kids in the neighborhood?

Do you have a child who will be in K4 in the fall? Do you know anyone who will? Or see new kids in the neighborhood? Please encourage them to enroll early. This helps us to have the right staffing to meet student needs. You can enroll by:

1) Visiting the District Office located at: 4850 S. 60th St., Greenfield, WI 53220

2) Visiting the District Website: http://greenfield1.schooldesk.net/Parents/Enrollment-Information

Earn money for our EHSA when you shop on Amazon!

Go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Search for the "Edgewood Home and School Association, Inc." A small percentage of every purchase will come to the EHSA. Easy for you, $ for the school!

Upcoming Dates

5/4: School to GHS to see our musical, 9-11am

5/6: Sidewalk Chalk Decorating for Teacher Appreciation Week, 3-4:00 (Weather Dependent--Check Facebook for updates Sunday @noon)

5/7-5-11: Teacher Appreciation Week

5/11: Walk-a-thon (2:00 at school)

5/25: No School, Professional Learning

5/28: No School, Memorial Day

6/7: Field Day--Mr. Warneke will be sending out a volunteer sign-up in the near future

6/7: Last Day of School for K4

6/8: Last Day of School (Early Release)

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