Literacy Coaching Connections

-news you can use Vol. 1 Issue 5

Websites for teachers!

Here are mobile apps via Read-Write-Think that can be downloaded and used on a mobile device. My personal favorite is the Alphabet Organizer!

Here is a link to a lesson plan created to go with the alphabet organizer at

Here are some Keyboarding Websites:

Other good keyboarding sites are as follows:

Writing Celebrations

Our students need to believe they are Writers with a capital W! As we move towards the CCSS for ELA, writing should become a stronger component of the daily work students do. To honor their work, we should celebrate their efforts! Here is a link to a post at the Two Writing Teachers on ways to celebrate the "Writers'" work by hosting Publishing Parties.

How do you already celebrate the students' writing accomplishments? What ideas might you try?

Literacy Resources-Book Flix

This is available free from INFOhio. The elementary library technicians have been introduced to this resource in August and are beginning to use it in the LRCs.

· BookFLIX is designed for students grades PreK-3

· 100 nonfiction/classic fiction pairs are included in the resource, plus 30 additional in Spanish

· Classic fiction titles are animated with a read along feature, nonfiction is read aloud, highlighting the words

· Additional activities and resources are provided—curriculum connector, lesson plans . . .

· Smart Board friendly

· Students can access at home with INFOhio passwords (library staff have been given bookmarks with passwords to distribute. (log-on: akron ; password: proud)

To access, log on to


Click (at two locations)

Resource will open up. This is a quality resource.

Just an aside---there are tons of great resources on infohio. Please take a look at the iMatrix:

INFOhio has been working on their site this week----may be slower than usual!