The Summer of My German Soldier

By: Macy Horn, Gabi Chamison, and Lauryn Shields

Characterization Vacation

For our book club project we chose to do characterization vacation for one of the main character, Patricia Bergen or Patty for short.

All About Patty

Patty lives in Jenkinsville, Arkansas with we mother, father, little sister Sharon, and her friend/maid Ruth. In Patty's small town a group of German soldiers, other wise known as Nazis, are kept in a prison camp. In a twist of fate a 12 year old Patty meats a German Solider named Anton. When he escapes from the prison Patty risks everything to hide Anton in the rooms above her garage.

3 Items Patty Would Bring Along With Her for Vacation.

If Patty were to bring 3 items along with her for vacation, she would bring Anton's ring, a dictionary, and fried chicken made by Ruth.

She would bring Anton's ring because it was a valuable item that belonged to Anton and she adored Anton very much (pg. 154-155).

Another item she would bring is a dictionary. She loved learning new words to add to her vocabulary so she could sound more intelligent (pg. 106-107).

The last item she would bring is fried chicken made by Ruth her only friend, besides Anton, and maid. This is what most reminded her of Ruth and all the memories they shared together (pg. 217).

Reflective Essay

The technology we choose for “Summer of my German Soldier” was smore. We choose smore because we felt that the tone would be expressed clearly. We could customize the font, color, and background to our liking so we could represent the book in an orderly manner. We also choose Characterization Vacation because we feel the character’s feeling, wants, and hobbies are expressed so well in the book we could choose three items and a place she would vacation to. The three things Patty would take with her would be Anton’s ring, because it was Antons most prized possession so when Anton gave it to her she felt like she was wanted, a dictionary, because she would read through a dictionary until she found a word she didn’t know and she would learn about that word, and a homemade fried chicken meal made by Ruth her only friend and maid. She would vacation to Antons home town Göttingen, Germany, she would want to meet his family even though he had already died. Even though Anton died Patty knows in her heart she still loves him, she knows she will love him forever.

Where Would Patty Go?

Patty would go to Anton's home town Göttingen in Germany. She would go there because she would wants to meet Anton's family even though he is dead. She knows his family would want to hear all the conversations and laughs they shared together. Even though Anton is dead she knows she will love him forever.
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Summer of My German Soldier, by Bette Greene (MPL Book Trailer #101)