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Heritage Staff Newsletter - Oct. 31, 2016

Dear HES Staff,

Welcome to the first Heritage staff newsletter! I want to begin by once again thanking you for welcoming me to Heritage Elementary. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and your level of dedication to your children. This commitment was highlighted Thursday night when I was able to see your service to the Hero families. It was such a fun event that was personalized and special. I enjoyed watching your warm and welcoming interactions with your students and their families.

I will send out this Staff Heritage Newsletter every week. The purpose is to keep you in the know through professional development articles and links, updates on dates, FYI's, and administrative tasks. This will allow us to utilize our PLC and meeting times for collaboration, support, and learning. I will also include many of my favorite quotes for your reflection and enjoyment. Quotes provide different ways to perceive things in our lives in order to keep the focus on the very important work we do everyday. Keeping our head and heart right each and every day helps us to serve, connect, and make powerful investments in one another and with the students and families we serve.

Please take some time each week to review and go over all the information, reminders, and opportunities for learning. This will enable us to best support one another and continue to build a positive and engaging culture at Heritage.

Have a great week!



  • Thanks for getting your Intervention Sheets uploaded by this past Friday. We will contact you if you have any missing.

  • So impressed with the discussions and support during progress monitoring meetings. Your voice is so important and your work to help with your Tier II and III students is much appreciated and impressive. Thank you!!!
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Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and PD Days

  • Wednesday, Nov. 2nd - PLC rescheduled for Nov. 4th

  • Thursday, Nov. 3rd - Faculty Meeting 3:30-4:30 - Working Agenda:
  1. Celebrations
  2. Veterans Day - Shayna
  3. Social and Emotional Update - Erin
  4. T-TESS update - Laura and Robin
  5. Campus Improvement Plan Update and STAAR Data Update - Laura, Robin, Shayna, and Mallory

  • Friday, Nov. 4th - PLC Meeting - GT Update - Sign up in Eduphoria to receive 1 hour towards your 6 hour update.

  • Friday, Nov. 4th - SIT Meetings Scheduled

Professional Development and Coaching Update

I am excited to share that we have received permission to use the November 11th Professional Development Day for the specific needs of Heritage. It will enable us to learn, work, and plan for our K-4 Reading and Writing Lucy Calkins Workshop initiative. The time that the district has given for us to work together will give us the opportunity to create, collaborate, and plan for the specific needs and goals specific to Heritage. We will have district/campus coach and admin support on the 11th as we move forward in strengthening our literacy classrooms!

We will put the Nov. 11th workshop in Eduphoria and you can sign up. (do not sign up for the district PD on that day)


As you have seen, the district is committed to supporting and helping Heritage with coaching, resources, professional development, and program evaluation. You will continue to see district personnel on campus to help us with our goals. Also, in response to our needs and changing district priorities, the district math and reading instructional coaching plan has adjusted. Casey Smith will now be our ELA coach and be here more often. In addition, Amber Richards will stay on as our district math coach, but will be here on a more consistent basis.

Casey Smith's first days will be this Friday, Nov. 3rd and 4th. She will be in your classrooms to observe and coach Letterland, Guided Reading, Reading Workshop, and Writing Workshop. She will also be at Heritage most of the day on our Professional Development Nov. 11th day along with Heather Varon to help support you in learning and planning with the reading and writing Lucy Calkins workshop materials.

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Updates and FYI's

  • Be in the know! I will use the Remind text feature in the event of emergencies, replacement of announcements, announcements, etc..tso please text @bb79a to 81010. Thanks!

  • Be sure to double check the list of those students that can't be photographed before posting pictures of our students on social media.

  • Thanks for meeting your deadlines! It helps us to move forward together more quickly and efficiently when we are not chasing down information.


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