Seventh Grade Blowout

My propositions to catering and activity services


I think we should use Burger Bonanza if we have 50 or less guests and Pizza Palace if we have more than 50. As it shows in my graph and tables, Pizza Palace is cheaper when you have more than 50 people but more expensive when you have less than 50.

Graphs and tables

How I came up with my proposition

1) describe how you created each equation. For the first equation I saw that it was $10 per person, so I already had half of my equation. (y=10x) Then, it said that there was a $20 dollar catering fee so I found the other half. (y=10x+20). I got my other equation the same way, looking at the info and putting it into the equation y=kx.

2)There will be a number of students where both catering services equal the same amount. To find it you would look at the graph and see where one service began to cost more, then you would try and use the numbers in between the two to get your answer.

3) You can't have 150 or more kids because then you'd go over budget. You can't have a decimal because that would mean you'd only have a piece of a kid and that's not allowed.

Proposed plan: I think that we should use Burger Bonanza if we have 50 or less guests and we should use Pizza Palace if we have more than 50.


For our activity we should use Hoppin' Around if we have it for 4 or less hours. And if we have 4 or more hours we should use Jumpin' Jacks. As it shows in my tables and graph, Jumpin' Jacks becomes the cheapest option the longer you have it.
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How I came up with my proposition

1)I got my equations by looking at the information and seeing how much it cost for each business and then looking to see if there was a set up fee. Then I plugged those numbers into the y=kx equation.

2) The number of students where each business will cost the same is 300 students.

3) You can't go over ten hours, and you can't have a decimal for Hoppin' Around because then you would go over budget since ten hours would be $750. But you could use a decimal for Jumpin' Jacks since you can do a half hour or two since that wouldn't go over budget.