Health Science

By: Hayden Whittington

What a person does in this job!

Health science workers promote health and wellness. They diagnose and treat injuries and disease. As a physician, dentist, or nurse, you could work directly with patients. You could also work in a laboratory to get information used in research or provide administrative support by keeping medical records.

Education needed, salary.

If your becoming a dentist you'll need a doctoral or professional degree, our salary is somewhere close to 152, 700 dollars a year. To be a physical therapist you'll need your doctor of physical therapy degree and a year you'll make around 84,020 dollars. A registered nurse makes close to 67,490 a year, you'll need a completion of a diploma, associates or bachelors degree in nursing. A surgical technologist needs a certificate or associates degree in surgical technologist, and makes about 44,330 dollars a year.
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What health studies are about!

Health studies is an academic concentration that focuses on the promotion and education of community and public health. Enrolling in a health studies degree program is an excellent way to prepare for further education in public health or health science.
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What i think.

I want to be a health science doctor when I get older, I'm not worried about how much I will make. When I was asked the question, what I wanted to be when I grow was a doctor so I could be rich. Now that i'm older and have thought about it I think I'm gonna love what I do. I love helping people who need help and I'm very social able and get along well with people. I want to work in this field because i love science and helping out.