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The Interview With the First Human Made of Bio Gel: Jenna Fox

The CD is the only newspaper that has special rights to speak with Jenna Fox. This was our interview with her:

CD: What were you thinking when you woke up from your coma?
JF: I didn't know what to think, I had all these people that I didn't know telling me that they were my mom, dad, and even grandma. I couldn't really trust her.

CD: What was your first memory that you remembered?
JF: I was sneaking back to my house from Mr.Bender's and slipped on a rock. Then it flashed and I remembered my Baptism.

CD: Who were your first best friends?
JF: My best friends were Kara and Locke. We were all good kids that kept out of trouble until the accident.

CD: Who was Mr.Bender?
JF: Mr.Bender was my next door neighbor for a while. If the government found out about me under the 51% rule he would have been my escape out of the country. Besides that he was my first friend I made since waking up from my coma.

CD: Who exactly was Dane?
JF: Dane was a kid from my school. He was weird , like all of us from school but there was something that we couldn't figure out about him. It was like he had no soul. No emotion. He lived in a all white house and only wore white clothes. Something was wrong with him.

CD: What was your deceased husband Ethan like?
JF: Ethan was a great man. He was looked badly upon because he served justice to a man that did something horrible to his brother, but he really did care for people and nature. We first met at school and then started dating. It just went on from there and we ended up getting married.

CD: When did you learn that you were only ten percent of yourself and about the accident?
JF: I learned about it after I cut myself while trying to figure out what the backups were. There was only a tiny amount of blood then I saw the Blue Goo. That was when I knew I was made of Bio Gel. I couldn't believe my parents could do such a thing but they did, so now I have to live with their decisions for the rest of my life. How ever long that will be. Maybe forever. Once they knew I figured out I was made of Bio Gel they told me about the accident and how it happened because it all flashed back to me. I wasn't driving, Kara was and we were driving so fast and hit that curve flying.

CD: Who is the other person made of Bio Gel like, Allys?
JF: Allys was another friend I met from school. She had Prosthetic legs and arms. Her organs were dying so she told her parents about me. Instead of reporting me, they asked my dad if Allys could have the same transplant as me, even though it was illegal back then. My parents ended up doing it, making Allys only 22% human. Allys wanted to die naturally, but her parents wanted to save her just like my parents did for me so she has to live with it for the rest of her life also.

CD: Who is your daughter?
JF: My daughter is Kayla. She is me and my dead husband Ethan's daughter, not adopted and has all of our personalities like wit, love of literature and sometimes temper. I love her.

CD: What do you think people have learned since you went on your campaign with Allys?
JF: I think people have learned that no matter what you are made of, Bio Gel or real flesh, we are all human and should not be exterminated because of what we are made of.


To Those Who Have Died

R.I.P.- Kara Manning- lived in Boston, died of Car Crash, friends with Jenna Fox and Locke Jennings. A very confident and hardworking person.

R.I.P.- Locke Jenkins- lived in Boston, died of Car Crash. Friends with Jenna Fox and Kara. A good and loyal friend.

R.I.P.- Matthew Fox- lived in Boston, a loving father of Jenna Fox. A great world known doctor. Creator of Bio Gel.

R.I.P.- Claire Fox- Lived in California/Boston. Mother of Jenna Fox. A good Brownstone restorer.

R.I.P.- Clayton Bender- Lived in California. A great artist. Good friend of Jenna Fox.

R.I.P.- Ethan- Lived in California. Married to Jenna Fox. Loved literature and Walden.

National News Headlines

The FSEB has officially changed its rules on how much of you can be lab creation. They have implied the "Jenna Fox" rule so that you cannot have less than10% of yourself not be human. If you have less you are not considered human. The FSEB has also applied rules to this new law and are very strict. If you go below the 10% you will have to be killed for punishment of breaking the law. They don't want people trying to live forever by becoming 100% Bio Gel. In any person's lifetime they can have at least 90% of their body made of Bio Gel but no more than that. This has changed the world of Health and Medicine which might have future consequences to come. I guess time will tell if the "Jenna Fox" rule will work.


My Project on the Book: The Adoration of Jenna Fox