Dadi's Story

How I walked to Guizhou

Dear Friend,

We don't know each other but now, I have a story to share with you.

I am walking along in Guizhou Province to Yun nan Province in China. I met some most lovely people on my journey.

A couple of Musilim opend a restaurant in a little town, it's too little to know. I entered and asked for a dinner, the reply was "we only have hotpot, and it's not worth having it alone, very expensive and you won't be able to finish it." "There is another restaurant just around the corner, they serve good dishes which is perfect for one person, go there". There is another little girl who hasn't finished primary school and dropped out to get married. I saw a little boy who is crying because he was watching TV too close to the screen, he cried whole time of a sun set. I saw so many things I have never expected to know, but things just happen like people's life in every part of world.

I am so glad to see these surprising things, I appreciate that I am living in this time and I still could experience these pure lives, they are so different from 'civilization' that people talk about, but the smile on their face is real without any doubt.Happiness is unconditioned for sure, whether people are rich or poor, healthy or ill, as long as they are enjoying what life brings to them, they will enjoy life happily.

My dear friend, you may suffer from something, but please don't define the unforture to fate. What is fate?! Let it come and let it be, Let us show what the fate of fate itself !

After seeing these different things, it reminds me that people always say 'think globally'. But don't you feel thinking globally is too ambiguous ? Do you really know what idea and whose idea is behind the global ideology? On the other hand, if you focus on things just happens around you, then take a look to your neibour, they are doing some things differently; take a look a bit further, people are doing something different; take a look a bit further, some one is doing something you cannot understand; take a look really far away, people are living in another part of the world and might be doing things completely opposite, after all, let us respect all these differences, we can make our home a better place.

Trying to understand other people is the only attitude will make you live life without regret.