Medicine is a big help to society

Helps bones heal faster and pain decreases

Medicine is a key to success and will keep the world healthy. This flyer will show how medicine helps the society and give crucial information.

Vitamins make our bodies healthier and stronger.

The antioxidant nutrients in vitamins consistantly show that it lowers metabolic stress that occurs when you exercize or have a disease that protects cells and tissues. The nutrients also help your muscles heal faster when you work out.

Sea Coral and healing

Sea coral has helped heal bones a lot faster than if it was left alone. After patients used it on there bones as grafting, the bones healed after 4 months while the coral biodegrated after 2 years. The sea coral is mixed using the calcium carbonate found in it coralline hydroxypatite to improve bone grafts.

Artificial Bone Marrow

How does it help?

Bone marrow is the flexible tissue at the head of a bone that produces red blood cells in a person's body. The bone marrow can also be used to help treat many types of diseases including leukemia. Scientists created artificial bone marrow that holds a lot of the nutrients in natural bone marrow. Since this was created, people in need of it could get transplants that could really help someone.


Medicine is a huge part of life. It helps us get over colds and it decreases pain in many situations. Without medicine, the world would be hurting both ways. People would always be in pain, and more and more people would die every year. Medicine is a great feature that man kind is lucky to have.
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