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Working telephone

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Alexander graham bell saying the first words on a working telephone

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Alexander Graham Bell

Wednesday, April 29th, 9pm

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Alexander Graham Bell was born (March 3, 1847 - Died August 2, 1922).Alexander was a scientist, engineer and an inventor.

He was widely credited for the invention of the first practical telephone.

He didn't have the middle name'' graham'' until he was 11 when his father gave it to him as a birthday present. He'd earlier had asked to have a middle name like his two brothers.

When Bell was 25 he opened His school of vocal physiology and mechanics of speech in Boston ,MA, where he taught Deaf people to speak.

Alexander Graham Bells Inventions

Thursday, April 30th, 9pm

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Alexander Graham Bell made the first cordless cell phone. He invented it as a way for two or more people to have a conversation from a distance. He also invented a system to collect rain water and pipe it to the bath room and Bell had the first shower in the area!

Three Accomplishments

Thursday, April 30th, 9pm

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Alexander Graham Bell accomplished teaching deaf people to communicate with each other. He Is also remembered for making the first telephone. On February 14 1876 Bell and an American electrical engineer named Elisha Gray both filed patents with the U.S. patent office covering the transmition of sounds telegraphically, there was a debate about who got the first but the patent was awarded to Bell. A few days later he succeeded in getting his telephone to work using elements similar to those of Grays water transmitter. Bell's first words spoken with the working telephone were spoken to his assistant Watson and were also on the lines of Mr. Watson come here, I want to see you .

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