Titan Machinery

Diesel Technology Program at CCC

Titan Machinery Sponsorship Program

  • Will pay for tuition
  • Will pay for fees
  • Will pay for books
  • Will pay for tools!!!!
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Tell me more about this sponsorship?

  1. Selected students will be asked to work for Titan Machinery for two years upon completion of CCC's Diesel Program, Associates Degree.
  2. Titan will interview and select 15 to 20 students to enter the CCC diesel program in the fall of 2016.

How to be selected

  • Visit the CCC diesel program (contact CCC admission's office to make an appointment) To schedule a visit
  • Complete an application for admission to CCC and be accepted. Apply for admission
  • Complete the Titan application for sponsorship (in Ms. J's office)
  • Provide Titan Machinery and CCC with your transcripts and either your ACT score or Compass scores. (ACT is preferred).
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The deadline for this is March 1st, 2016!!!