where to go

in Istanbul


Don't return before doing these:

Do you know why all these seagulls are following the ferry?

Just because people are throwing simit to them.

Try once and you will see how enjoyable it is.

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Taze simiiiiiitttttttt

Most probably you will hear this sound many times a day. Just take a break and have one simit with Ayran ( a drink with yogurth, water & salt) or Çay ( tea)
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Turkish delight, in other words: LOKUM!

I know that you'll want to buy all of them when you see the cheap prices n Koska Shop but wait a little: Here are the most delicious ones:)



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Watchtower of Turkey


A small tip:

Check this link 10 days before your arrival.
The complex geometry of Islamic design - Eric Broug
Is it a must to bring our passport with us while crossing the bridge?
  • No.