The Sun And Physical Properties

By: Tristian Whigham

The Sun

The sun is in the center of our solar system and earth’s closest star that we can see.

The sun can also make solar eclipses when the moon blocks the sun. Two of them are visible to man each year! One day the sun will burn out and it will become a dwarf star and then a white dwarf covered in an nebula.The sun is 870,000 miles in diameter. It is a yellow dwarf.

Its gravity is 28 times stronger than earth's. 8 planets including earth orbit the sun.

The earth would fit 1 million times into the sun. Sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach earth’s atmosphere.

Physical Properties

A rocks physical propertie is if somthing that a person does changes the shape. size, weight or anything affecting the rock that you can see. Physical properties are able to be measured without changing the matter. Examples of physical properties are appearance, texture, color, boiling point, odor, and melting point. Physical properties are used to describe objects like rocks and ice and all different kinds of matter!
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