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Our Mission

Welcome to Land Surveyors University, where we now have the opportunity to provide evidence of our individual levels of experience in land surveying, while helping others learn surveying fundamentals. Each level of Land Surveyors University will have 2 prizes, contributed by their corresponding sponsors. One prize will be awarded for the surveyor which completes the level first and the other prize will be for the member who finishes the level and has the most accumulated points.
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We will all begin this experiment at Level One of Land Surveyors University, which will be the first level of achievement. Level One must be passed in order to proceed to Level Two and then to higher levels. Each level will have a new task or set of tasks called 'missions'. Each level's mission will be slightly more difficult than the level before. All missions on Land Surveyors University have been created to demonstrate a challenge which a land surveyor of a certain level of experience should be able to easily accomplish. The details of each mission will be determined by professional land surveyors across the globe just like you and also by administrators of Land Surveyors United. Each mission should not consume much of your time, but will do a lot for your reputation and background as a surveyor.

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On Land Surveyors University, YOU are The Teacher!

How Levels and Points Work

The Process


    Each level has its own group forum and a new mission or set of of tasks which must be completed to move to the next level. In order to get credit for the level you must submit evidence of your completion by starting a new discussion inside the forum of the group for that level. Like surveying in real life, you should be able to provide evidence of your completion of each level. You should submit the evidence in form of video or photo and then include them with an explanation of how you accomplished the task inside the forum post in order to get points. The more evidence you submit, the more points you will receive. The more your fellow members learn from your post, the more popular your post will be and thus, the more points you will receive.


    Upload your photos or videos to the network and add a rich description to your uploaded evidence. The more thorough and helpful your descriptions are inside the forum post of that level, the more points you will receive for that level. Your points accumulated throughout all ten levels will determine if you are the winner of the final prize, which will be a GPS unit to use on Survey Earth in a Day 2.0.


    Each level will have its own forum which you will use to report your completed mission back to the community by starting a new discussion and including as much information, photos and videos as possible. Your submissions will serve as educational materials for student surveyors to learn from so be as detailed as possible when describing how you completed your mission. Each level ofLand Surveyors University will eventually have a dedicated map showcasing those who completed the mission.

    The means of completing a mission and advancing to a higher level within Land Surveyors University are several and specific. The method of evidencing a completed mission is a free choice for every member.

    Completing a mission within a level is half of the task. Providing proof to your fellow surveyors that the task has been completed is what gets you points and thus moves you to the next level.

Land Surveyors United Network

Land Surveyors University event is a year-long community project on Land Surveyors United, ending on June 20th 2013, the day before Survey Earth in a Day 2.0. All surveyors and geospatial professionals on earth are encouraged to participate and compete for prizes from our sponsors. You can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also feel free to subscribe to the Land Surveyors University Daily Newspaper.

Level Ten | Graduate

Dissertations will be reviewed by a panel of experts (“the Board”). The status of dissertations will remain confidential. Candidates may be called upon by the Board to clarify certain aspects for each dissertation. Candidates will have an opportunity to present the Board with additional extrinsic evidence if requested by the Board. A formal debate between candidates for the highest honor may be scheduled to allow the Board to more fully evaluate dissertations.