Pardoner Found to be a Fraud

Beware of This Fake

Pardoner Sells Fake Relics to Public

The Pardoner's relics have been deemed fake by officials. This man is still free, although not deemed to be dangerous. Beware of a skinny man with long and greasy blonde hair and clean-shaven trying to sell you any pardons or "holy relics". The Pardoner is in it for personal gain, and doesn't care whether or not people are truly pardoned from their sins.

Likes to Go Around Telling Convincing Stories for Donations

Pardoner's Tale a Trick

A famous story of his is the story of three rioters who are overcome by greed all kill each other for a bigger share of a pile of gold. This story is meant to make you feel guilty and pay for forgiveness for your greed. Beware of this trick he uses.
The Pardoner's Tale - animated