Country Researsh Project

El Salvador

Official Country Name: Republic of El Salvador

Capital City: San Salvador


- El Salvador is a just a little smaller than Massachusetts. The countries next to El Salvador are Guatemala and Honduras. The weather there is tropical and rainy in may - October and hot and dry in November - April.

- Sometimes people call El Salvador the "Land of Volcanoes" sometimes there is some volcanic activity and very rare earthquakes and hurricanes.


Government Type: Republic

Chief of State: President Sanchez Ceren

Vice President: Oscar Ortiz

Head of Government: Sanchez Ceren

*the president is both Chief of State and Head of Government


The currency in El Salvador is the US dollar since 2001. The currency before 2001 was called Salvadoran colon.

Country's Population

El Salvador is the littlest and most crowded populated country in Central America.

-The total population is 6,125,512


A lot of el Salvadorans enjoy cooking foods together such as mixing different types of food together for any meal of the day!

- Pupusas is a mixture of corn, cheese, beans, and chicharron (fried pork fat)

- A very popular drink is pretty much the same as every countries favorite drink.. Coffee and soft drinks

- casaamiento which is a mix of rice and beans ( basically what I eat at chipotle)

- huevos picados which is the basic eggs with vegetables.