Fighting For My Self

Presented in the Aquin Auditorium . November 15-17

It was full of very difficult topics to discuss, much less present on stage. But the Aquin Theater Department pulled it off and received rave reviews (see picture at right or click here to read it online). Now you can watch it here for the first time . . . or play it again and again.

Way to go Cast & Crew--you may have been small, but you were once again, mighty Aquin DAWGS!

A playlist is linked below. Parts 1-3 are Friday morning's performance for Aquin Junior-Senior High, Immanuel Lutheran 7-8th grades and Tri-County Christian's 7-8th grades. Parts 4-5 are Sunday afternoon's performance with cast/crew appreciation gifts.

fighting for my self . part 1

Director's Note

This play is the culmination of a project that was created by a number of the girls in last year’s sophomore and junior classes. They created the project to apply for a grant with a youth philanthropy program known as In Youth We Trust, The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois. The project was labeled as “Fighting for a Voice” with the purpose to put on a dramatic play entitled “Fighting for My Self”. The play addresses the very real stresses on today’s teenage girls such as pressure to be thin, to be popular, to have sex, to do drugs, etc. Though focusing on women’s issues, this play offers a measure of hope and is vital for everyone.

Through the presentation of the play we hope to help our community become more aware of the problems concerning young women and inspire the community members to want to help to manage these issues. We also hope that through this presentation we will build confidence in the young men and women who perform as well as those in the audience which will then help them make the right choice when faced with these concerns. This has been a very different play for these young actors to perform and has required them to dig deep to get the feelings out to express the different situations presented so that everyone will benefit. It is serious and real and should make a very strong impression on all who see it.

These performances are funded in part by a grant from 'In Youth We Trust' through the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and with sponsorship from New Horizons Counseling Center.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an issue, talking to a counselor can help. New Horizons Counseling Center provides quality counseling services, regardless of ability to pay, in a safe and welcoming environment. Contact them at 815-235-6171.