Weekly Update

Snyder Independent School District 2/16/2020

Update from the Superintendent

Dear Tiger family,

I’d like to provide you with an update from the district and answer some of your questions. Although the TEA did not accept the proposed pathway plan for grades 2-8, the district retained local control through the petition process. The district’s remaining option is to reopen the junior high campus with an innovative partner. On January 30th, we heard from three innovative partner candidates who are interested in assisting the district. Only one of them, RersponsiveEd, meets TEA's requirements to reopen the Junior High.

If you haven't heard ResponsiveEd's presentation, please watch their video and listen to their ideas. I believe you will be encouraged. Our goal is to integrate them as seamlessly as possible into our district. Parents, teachers, and students can expect some changes; however, the junior high campus will remain Snyder Tigers.

On Thursday evening, the SISD Board of Trustees approved ResponsiveEd’s application. We are in the process of negotiating a contract with ResponsiveEd to operate the junior high campus. We know this has been a long road, and we appreciate your support and patience. We are nearing a conclusion and we remain committed to making our junior high the best it can be.

Will ResponsiveEd be involved with all campuses next year?

ResponsiveEd will only be involved in operating the junior high.

When will ResponsiveEd come to Snyder?

ResponsiveEd has made multiple visits to Snyder Junior High and will continue to visit the campus throughout the end of the year. They are getting to know the campus leadership, staff, systems, and facilities.

Will the Junior High still have athletics? Extracurricular activities? ResponsiveEd shares in our belief that extracurricular activities are a valuable component of education. Athletics, fine arts, and academics will remain an important piece of the junior high experience.

Will the name of the junior high be changed?

Yes. With a fresh start, the junior high will have a new name. We will have the details soon.

Will there be meetings for parents of next year's junior high students?

Yes! We will have meetings in the Spring to discuss options for junior high students. As soon as the contract is finalized and a date has been determined, we will let you know.

How long will ResponsiveEd be involved at the junior high?

Our hope is that this is the beginning of a successful partnership. In the contract, we will negotiate a start and end date with the option to renew and we will collaboratively evaluate their success in the district. The end goal is to provide the best education for our students.

I'm always glad to take your questions. In fact, if you have more, please scroll to the bottom of the newsletter and complete the "ask us" form. We will answer your questions in the next newsletter or we will contact you directly with a response.


Eddie Bland, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools, SISD

Student Holiday - Monday, February 17th

Remember, Monday, February 17th is a Professional Development day. Students, enjoy your holiday!

Important date change!

Friday, March 6, 2020 will be a student holiday and a professional development day for teachers. Students, enjoy your extra day of Spring Break!

Bad weather days?

We will not be required to make up the school days that were canceled for snow and sickness February 5th - 7th. The district has built-in a cushion within our calendar for these circumstances. We hope those of you who were well enjoyed the snow and those that were sick were able to rest and recover!

Snyder Intermediate Principal teaches 4th grade English Class

Mr. Russell is known to pop in and teach a class on the Intermediate Campus. This week, one of the classrooms he visited was a 4th grade English Language Arts (ELA) classroom to help students review vocabulary. Students were working on making connections on how democracy works through two different literary mediums: a song and a short story. During the lesson, Mr. Russell provided scaffolded vocabulary instruction. Before moving forward in the lesson, it is important to ensure students have a good understanding of the vocabulary words before they summarized and made connections. Making learning active and fun makes it memorable!

4th Grade ELA with Mr. Russell, SIS Principal

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