Secondary Spotlight

May 1, 2016

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  • Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!! Celebrate teachers this week and every day of the year!!!!
  • April has flown by and May is about to roll in quickly. Spring assessments are in high gear. I realize that some schools had technical difficulties with ACT last week. Please make sure to contact Dr. McNeal so that any issues you are experiencing can be resolved. I visited Westlawn on Friday and the administrative team shared an excellent testing coordination plan that includes a detailed communication plan during testing. I will provide pictures below. Paula Thompson and Crystal Alexander will be happy to share this plan with you if you are interested.

  • High School Principals- it is imperative that your testing schedule allows for classes to continue. Please ensure that your testing schedule reflects students not being displaced from classrooms.

  • Just a reminder that the last day to submit feedback regarding the BLG is May 6, 2016. There will also be a Town Hall meeting Monday, May 2nd at AAA regarding the BLG. A special thank you to all the BLG teacher liaisons that attended the meeting this past week. They had great questions and feedback.

  • HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPALS: All AVID CSS data must be entered and submitted by May 6!!!!!!! (No exceptions!!)

Summer PD-

  • Reminder your science teachers to register for AMSTI Science Standards for June 2nd. This can be found on STI PD.
  • Summer Teacher Academy for Secondary Teachers will be held June 6-10 at Lee High School. Currently, there are not many teachers signed up at this time. This is a great opportunity for all teachers. The focus of the Teacher Academy will include differentiated instruction and strategic teaching. The expectation is that this opportunity is communicated to teachers.

Have a great week everyone!


Report Card Survey Reminder

We are beginning a Report Card Assessment district-wide. The first step in this assessment is to complete a brief survey. The survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. Included in the survey is an email link that you may submit samples of documentation you have relating to data meetings. Any pre-made forms or meeting minutes would be helpful, it is not necessary to include all that you have, just a sample. Thank in you advance for taking the time to complete this short survey. Please try to submit your answers by this Friday, May 6, 2016.

You may access the survey by clicking here:

Upcoming Events

April 29- School supply lists due to your DOI

May 2- AP Exams begin, EOC for Chemistry, ACT Aspire Writing and English for grades 3-8; Town Hall Meeting 4:00 AAA

May 3- EOC for English 9, ACT Aspire for Reading grades 6-8, ACT Plus Writing Make up for 11th graders

May 4- ACT Aspire Math for grades 6-8

May 5- ACT Aspire Science grades 6-8; Board Meeting


May 11- Graduation Planning Meeting

May 9-12 Senior Schoolnet Benchmarks

May 17- 20 Senior Exams

May 16-20- Grades 6-11 Schoolnet Benchmarks

May 23-26 Grades 9-11 Teacher Made Exams

May 20- Seniors last day

May 23- Exams begin for grades 9-11

June 3- Class rolls/ master schedules due- racial isolation is a focus

June 3- End of Year Checklist due to your DOI

Testing Technical Difficulty Tips


  1. We reset all student passwords. We chose to set them with teacher123 (the teacher is the specific person they are testing with for ASPIRE). For instance all of the students in Morgan Coyner’s testing room will use Coyner123 as their password. This helps us eliminate of the major issues we had with students not knowing their passwords/not being able to get into their computers.

  2. Clean out their recycling bin

  3. Go to Internet Options, click on delete browsing history, click delete, click on the four unclicked boxes, and click delete. (see pictures)

  4. Only 40 people can ping an access point at once. It helps to stagger each groups start.

  5. Students should completely shut their computers down and restart before they try to log in to Test Nav.

Thought for the Week